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Mary Boyle- Ireland's Oldest Missing Child Case

MARY BOYLE- *Missing- 3-18-1977 Cashelard (Remote Townland) Outside Ballyshannon in Co Donegal *Date Of Birth- 6-14-1970 *Ireland's National Police Case Number- IRGSMK1
*Has a twin sister Ann Doherty. Together with film maker Gemma O'Doherty and Irish singing sensation Margo O'Donnell have lobbied to bring the ONLY suspect in their eyes to justice. With no results.
*Mother-Anne Boyle-Early on in the investigation and in subsequent years wanted to know what had happened to her daughter. Even pointed out inconsistencies in her brothers story. Has since nearly washed her hands of the matter.
*Father died in 2005 in a "mysterious boating accident".
*Disappeared from her grandparent's house while following her Uncle (Who was returning a ladder) to a neighbor's house. (The Cawley's) The neighbors lived by all accounts around 400 or so yards away.

*Ann Doherty (Sister)

“Six-year-old Mary Boyle had been at her grandparents’ house in Cashelard, a remote and bo…