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Part Two: What Happened To Michael Jefferson Adams?

Hello, I just wanted to let everyone know that this blog is still very active. And I am still very much looking into several cases as well as continuing research on the ones Ive already blogged about. My computer is currently down and my funds are not where I can go purchase a new computer at the moment. I have a smartphone and a relic of a tablet but I cannot do appropriate research on either. In the meantime I have actually been producing a Podcast with the assistance of Lesley from the Unsolved Appalachia blog. She did a guest post last year on this very blog. When I say "Producing". I mean Lesley calls me and lets me shoot off my big mouth while she records and edits it. And yes she talks to 😂. The Podcast is called Evidentiary and can be streamed from Itunes as well as Podbean & Buzzsprout. We dont have any fancy equipment as of yet. I dont even have a mic. But as we get going and on a roll we'll continue to improve. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Lesl…