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We Live By Faith Not By Sight.

Princess and her mom Juanita

Ever since I took this case and have been looking into it. I've had a dream about this woman. It's not uncommon. When you look into enough of these cases they get in your head. You review the info over and over again. So much that you start to forget info that you already read. And then you go over your notes again and notice you had actually wrote that same thing down already. You just forgot. The dream is the same dream I've had about other cases. In the dream about Joan Risch I am running up to her yard on Old Bedford Rd just as the Sedan pulls outta her driveway and takes off in the opposite direction. And I can't catch it. I run after it until the dust comes up and blinds me. And it's over. In Evelyn Hartley's dream I hear her scream. And I am running through her neighborhood between houses trying to find her abductors. Yelling her name. I come around a corner to see the car with her abductors take off in the night. Again me chasing them to no avail. Losing them in the dark. In Tammy Lynn Leppert's dream I run to her yard as her mom tells me she just got into the car and it drove around the corner. I ask what type of car it is. And she tells me she didn't see it. I turn the corner and there are literally a hundred cars in front of me. Then I wake up. In Megan Foglesong's dream she is standing in front of me. She looks very tired. Like she hasn't slept in days. I almost don't recognize her. We are in a bright room. A room that is just light. Nothing in it. And she keeps telling me I am looking right at her. And I tell her I know I am. And she tells me I am NOT getting it. I am looking for her. And she is right in front of me. "I am right in front of you." It echoes until I wake up. In Princess' dream I am running down Callahan Rd. Yelling her name. In this dream. She responds. "I'm over here!" I yell "Where's here!?" "I'm right here!" I turn to my right and I don't see anything but a dark alley. I start to run as I hear a woman scream. And I as always. Wake up. The only difference with my dreams and reality is I actually wake up. The families of missing persons don't wake up from their nightmares. They live them. Everyday. I wanna thank Princess' family for giving me their blessings for this entry. They did NOT provide me with any information however. They stated they would rather work through Law Enforcement. I did leave some things out of this entry. Things I will likely use in a follow up down the road. This case should have received a lot more attention that it has had. But as always. I'll do the media's job again.

Shurlock Holmes 

"I just hope that somebody out there can just have the courage to pick up the phone," 

Princess' Mom

UPDATE: 12/29/2019 I enhanced some pictures of Princess to make them more clear.

Tribute to Princess

"That's why I know something's wrong," Sarabia said. "She wouldn't do this to me." 

 San Antonio Police 
Missing Person's Unit
 (210) 207-7662 

"I think somebody has her out there, TreviƱo said. I don't feel in my heart she's gone."

Sister, Mom Juanita, & Princess

Lucero Ann Sarabia-Reeves

Personal Information

*Went by "Princess"

A nurse at an El Paso hospital gave her daughter her nickname. When she was pregnant she was sure she was going to give birth to a boy. When Sarabia asked to hold her son, the nurse told her "you have a precious little princess." The name stuck. The little girl wrote Princess on her school papers until teachers asked her mother to correct her. 

Date Of Birth: 10-3-1983 in El Paso, Texas to Juanita Serabia
Date Of Disappearance: 11-26-2004
Missing From: San Antonio, Texas (Bexar County) Attended a party at 381 Babcock Rd. Then was later given a ride from a person at the party to the Kingswood Manor Apartments.
Residence: 3600 Block of Callahan Rd in San Antonio, Tx
Last Known Contact: With her Mother at 2 AM on November 26th. She had attended a Thanksgiving Party the prior night and did not return home. The Party was at a home located at 381 Babcock Rd in San Antonio. She told her mom that she was getting a ride home from a man she met at the party. A one Richard Chabes. Princess did not make it home. The next day her mother went to Kingswood Manor Apartment complex and ran into Chabes. He told her that Princes decided to walk home instead.
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Height & Weight: 5'1 & 165 lbs
Hair & Eyes: Shoulder Length Blonde Hair (Was in a ponytail the night she went missing) & Light Brown Eyes
Clothing: Pink Crew Neck Sweater, Blue Denim Low Rise Jeans, Brown Boots w/Black Soles, Brown Leather Jacket, Rings on every finger. (One being a Silver Band w/ a Yellow Stone) Silver Tongue Ring, & Silver Hoop Ear Rings,
Medical Conditions: 8 Months Pregnant At The Time She Disappeared. Was Due In January Of 2005. She was the mother of 2 young boys. With a 3rd on the way.
Husband: John Albert Reeves Jr. They had been separated for a year and Princess was living with her mother and sister at the time. She did have two boys with John prior however. Prior to their separation they were together for 5 years. They were still seeing each other even tho they were separated. John has done time in prison for drugs. And from I have been told. Been incarcerated again recently. 

 I was informed that Princess DID attempt to call a ride home when she walked home in the early morning hours of the 27th. She DID in fact call John Reeves. Who declined to come and pick her up. Now most readers will ask the question as to why he would refuse to pick up his pregnant wife. I do NOT know the answer to that question. But I am sure of one thing. The baby she was carrying was NOT John's. Read additional updates below for the identity of the baby's father.

Children: John and Damion (3 and 1 when she disappeared)

Princess' Ex with both her kids John and Damion. This picture is around 4 years old.

House where the party took place on 11/26/2004

The Party

The party as best as I was able to gather from the information obtained was that it occurred at around 6 pm on the 26th of November in 2004. It occurred at the address of 381 Babcock Rd. in San Antonio. Princess' sister had been there the previous night as well as most of the day. Juanita (Princess' Mom) then dropped of Princess' at the party. The timing of this was around 6 or 7 pm. It was around the time the party started or was just getting busy. Richard Chabes who was a friend of the family who owned the house and hosting the party showed up around that time as well. Apparently Chabes and Princess talked casually. Nothing was odd about their exchanges. Also there at the party was Princess' Ex Husband John Albert Reeves Jr. He attended and later left as well. He didn't stay long. At one point I was told that Chabes and Princess left to go to the store to purchase some cigarettes. And they returned a short time afterwards. Princess' sister later left. I was told that her ex-boyfriend was there and drinking a lot. And she wanted to avoid any drama. I was able to confirm that it was her ex-boyfriend's cousin's house. At some point after her sister left. There was an altercation involving Princess. A girl at the party accused Princess of coming out of a bathroom with her husband. When Princess was questioned an argument ensued. Princess stated they did NOT come out of the bathroom together.  The girl who lived in the house asked Princess to leave. When that occurred Chabes intervened and stated he would drive Princess home. Princess later called her mother between 130 and 2 am. She informed her mom that she had met Richard Chabes and they were at his apartment. But he planned to drive her home. She DID NOT mention anything regarding an argument to her mom tho. So that in itself is odd to me. However the altercation did occur. The hostess of the party, The one who asked Princess to leave. Lawyered up after police questioning. 

"She called me that she was on her way home," said Reeves mother, Juanita Trevinio, "She probably a half a mile from the house. She had taken a ride from a friend or from some guy that she had met there."

"It didn't sound like she was in any danger," says Juanita. "I just told her that 'it's getting late, you need to come home.' That was the last time I spoke to her." 

                         Routes from Babcock Rd. to Kingswood Manor Apartments

Forgive the poor label placement
381 Babcock= Party
Kingswood Manor=Chabes Residence
3600 Callahan= Princess' Home


Acquaintance Princess met at the party

"I know that he knows more than he is telling me," Juanita Sarabia said. "Because it's four days, and my daughter wouldn't do this to her little boys."

 Chabes replied, "I don't know. We got here and she opened the door and said she would walk home." 

Chabes was known to the family throwing the party. He had left earlier that day with Princess to obtain some cigarettes. I've been told 2 different scenarios regarding this. One is that they returned in an appropriate amount of time. The other is that they didn't immediately return. I was not told of the time that elapsed however. After the altercation Chabes and Princess left the party and went to his apartment. As I stated earlier Princess called her mom between 130 and 2 am and told her she met Chabes and that he was driving her home. She apparently was sitting outside on his porch with him when she was talking to her. Now according to Chabes, When Juanita questioned him he stated she was mad when they arrived and she walked home. However, That makes no sense. Princess' blood was in Chabes apartment. There wasn't a lot of blood tho. There was blood on the walls AND carpet. Not enough to be considered fatal I was told. Chabes abruptly moved out of the apartment over the weekend. I was told a family member of his ran the complex. He was never named a suspect in her disappearance and he was eventually questioned by police and cleared of any involvement. Which makes me think there is more to this aspect of the case. I was told that according to what he told police. She was still mad over what occurred at the party. And decided to walk home. Chabes moved and now lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. I was told he has family from that area. He also owns his own business.

Update: 6/29/2019 
Interesting Information on Chabes:

May 20th 1994
Lake County, Indiana

May 9th 2006
Lake County Indiana

Possible Sightings

I was not able to verify whether or not these are actually confirmed sightings or not. If they are it presents many problems on the supposed narritive of this case.

Witness reported a woman matching Princess' description in the Piper's Meadow area. I cannot find a specific time this occurred.

Witness reported seeing a woman matching Princess' description along Callahan and Ingram Rd. at around 6am.


Chabes obviously at first glance appears to be the key to this mystery. Blood in his apartment. On the walls and carpet. But not enough to be fatal. Yet he was NEVER named a suspect. That tells me there is more to this. Obviously he was afraid of something. He left abruptly. The timing is too convenient. I need more info on this party. I need to verify if the sightings in the early morning hours were confirmed or not. If they were. That presents a problem. Why would she be walking instead of calling a family member to pick her up? She had a cell phone on her at the time. Her mother even left 28 messages on her voicemail. Her walking makes ZERO sense. The only thing I can figure is she was only a couple blocks away from her home. And she was mad. And figured walking it off would help her vent. Also, She spoke to her mom at around 130 am. She said Chabes was giving her a ride home. But Chabes states she started walking home at around 6am. So there is an additional 4 hrs or so. What occurred during that time? She never mentioned an altercation to her mom during the call. So it leads me to believe she left with Chabes so he could get cigarettes. Possibly hung out with him until 130 or 2am. Then she returned to the party and that is when the altercation occured. That fits the facts. Only issue is Juanita is on record stating Princess stated she was on her way home when she talked to her at around 130. I keep going back to them clearing Chabes and I just wonder if its shitty Police work. Cuz nothing else holds up.I figure the blood was from an altercation at the party. If the Police questioned others at the party and they corroborated this. Chabes is STILL the last person to presumably see her. Unless the sightings in the early morning hours can be validated. Then that means that something happened to her that may be of no relation to the prior events. And if that is the case. Then Chabes really didn't do anything. He was just in a really bad spot. She walks home. Something really bad happens to her. There is blood in his apartment and he is the last person to see her. He panics and moves out thinking he is in deep shit. But I dunno if we call it panicking. He moved out over the weekend. If he was really trying to hide something. You'd think he'd just up and disappear. Doesn't sound like he did. Is it possible that something occurred after she started walking? I didn't have the funds to do a background check on Chabes. But at the time all he had were outstanding traffic warrants. Not a violent individual. And if you look at his current Facebook page. He doesn't strike me as a bad person. But that means nothing. I need more info and data. At this time I am unsure what occurred. But I do know San Antonio at the time was not safest place for a 5'1 8 month pregnant woman to be walking home in the early morning hours.



Larry Lujan

Larry Lujan- This guy is one of the BIGGEST Pieces Of Shit I've ever written about. And unfortunately, Lujan is rumored to be the father of Princess' 3rd child. The one she was 8 months pregnant with. I was told this was NEVER confirmed. Nor was the baby's actual gender. However, This is who Princess was telling people the father of her child was. Here's a little breakdown on this animal.

On March 7th 2005 Lujan and a group of teenagers broke into the house of Dana Joseph "Joe" Grauke Jr. (16) The ransacked, beat, and tortured Grauke for several hours. (Less than 4 months after Princess disappeared)
The reason for this was Grauke apparently sold Marijuana in San Antonio. Yep that's it. Apparently Lujan said San Antonio was "His Turf". And Grauke refused to pay a $600 tax that Lujan tried to impose on him.
They transported Grauke in the luggage compartment of a Sports Utility Vehicle to Anthony, NM. 36 Hours after kidnapping him. He stabbed Grauke 9 times in the back and cut his throat so deep it nearly decapitated him. Lujan was 33 at the time.
Grauke's body was dumped in an irrigation canal.
He was also charged with a stabbing of a Chamberino couple in 1998. Apparently over a drug dispute. What makes it more disgusting is that the couples 11 Year Old daughter found the bodies the next afternoon.
I was told that Lujan and Reeves were friends. 

Below Copied and Pasted from above link

United States Court of Appeals,Tenth Circuit.

UNITED STATES of America, Plaintiff-Appellant, v. Larry LUJAN, Defendant-Appellee.

No. 09-2046.

    Decided: April 29, 2010

Before HENRY, Chief Judge, EBEL, and GORSUCH, Circuit Judges. David N. Williams, Assistant United States Attorney (Gregory J. Fouratt, United States Attorney, with him on the briefs), Albuquerque, NM, for Plaintiff-Appellant. Marc. H. Robert, Assistant Federal Public Defender, Las Cruces, NM, for Defendant-Appellee.
Defendant-Appellee Larry Lujan is charged with the capital crime of kidnapping resulting in the death of a victim, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1201(a)(1), for the kidnapping and subsequent murder of Dana Joe Grauke II in March 2005 (the “Grauke murder”). In its pursuit of the death penalty, and for purposes of the sentencing phase only, Appellant-United States sought to have evidence admitted that Lujan had previously committed a double homicide in New Mexico in December 1998 (the “Chamberino murders” or the “double homicide”). The United States asserted that this double homicide evidence would prove Lujan's future dangerousness-a non-statutory aggravating factor for the death penalty. Lujan argued that this evidence cannot be admitted because it is unfairly prejudicial, particularly because Lujan has been charged by New Mexico with the Chamberino murders but not convicted of them. The district court agreed with Lujan and ordered the evidence excluded pursuant to 18 U .S.C. § 3593(c) of the Federal Death Penalty Act of 1994. The United States filed an interlocutory appeal of this order. Under 18 U.S.C. § 3731, we have jurisdiction to hear an interlocutory appeal of a district court's pretrial order excluding evidence from the sentencing phase. See also United States v. Pepin, 514 F.3d 193, 201-02 (2d Cir.2008) (exercising jurisdiction under 18 U.S.C. § 3731 to review on interlocutory appeal an order excluding from the penalty phase evidence proffered by the government). Exercising that jurisdiction, we reverse the district court's order and remand for further proceedings consistent with this opinion.
The details of the Grauke murder as alleged by the United States depict a gruesome scene in which Lujan (and his cohorts) severely beat Grauke over a significant period of time, sexually assaulted Grauke, and engaged in other acts to terrify and isolate Grauke. The handful of allegations necessary to understand this case begin when Lujan1 visited Grauke at his home to collect on a drug debt. Lujan physically assaulted Grauke and a friend and ransacked Grauke's home. Lujan then forced Grauke into a truck and took him to a friend's home, but before leaving, threatened to kill Grauke's friend if he told anyone what had happened. At the friend's house, Lujan continued to beat Grauke before forcing him into another car to visit ATMs and phone booths in an unsuccessful effort to obtain payment on the drug debt. Later, Lujan and his friend, Eugenio Medina, forced Grauke into the trunk of Medina's car and drove to another friend's house. At this point, Lujan removed Grauke from the trunk, blindfolded him, bound his hands, and placed him into the “luggage compartment” of a Jeep Cherokee. (Aplt.App. at 79, 80.) Lujan then proceeded to his friend Daniel Quintana's home in New Mexico where he ate and drank inside while Grauke remained blindfolded and bound in the Jeep. Throughout this ordeal Lujan allegedly taunted Grauke, telling Grauke that he would “sell him like a bitch” or kill him and that “[t]his is what happens when you mess with me.” (Id. at 80.) Sometime after the events of this day, Grauke's body was discovered with a butcher knife that was subsequently connected to Lujan buried between Grauke's feet.
The facts of the Chamberino murders as alleged by the United States are equally gruesome. As a result of a drug dispute between Lujan and Alfredo Gonzales, in early December 1998, Lujan went to Gonzales's home in Chamberino, New Mexico, at which Juana Olmeda also resided. Lujan slit Alfredo's throat because of the drug dispute and slit Olmeda's throat because she witnessed Lujan killing Alfredo. Lujan left the Gonzales home, obtained gasoline, and returned with a friend, Pablo Renteria, only to find Alfredo still alive. At this point, Lujan repeatedly kicked Alfredo in the head and body, telling him “[t]his is what happens when you mess with me .” (Id. at 90.) Lujan then searched the house for drugs and, ultimately, poured gasoline over the victims' bodies, including the apparently still-breathing Alfredo, and set them on fire. Lujan then absconded to El Paso, Texas, where he called Daniel Quintana and told him what happened. The victims' eleven-year-old daughter discovered the bodies the next afternoon.
In the sentencing phase of the Grauke murder, assuming there is a conviction, the United States would like to introduce at least the following evidence to prove Lujan committed the Chamberino murders: (1) evidence that a bloody rag found on Gonzales's body contained DNA matching Lujan's DNA, but did not contain the DNA of the victims; (2) testimony of Daniel Quintana about how he had been with Lujan prior to the homicides, that Lujan had become upset with Gonzales over drugs, and that Lujan had disappeared for a while at the time the homicides occurred; (3) a statement from Pablo Renteria about what he saw when he returned with Lujan to the Gonzales home; and (4) testimony from a medical examiner as to the wounds and manner of the victims' deaths. The United States offered to sanitize some of this evidence, including Renteria's statement. The Government also proposed a summary witness as an alternative. Nonetheless, the court excluded from the sentencing phase all evidence related to the Chamberino murders.

   Lujan was also in San Antonio at the time Princess went Missing. He was also questioned by Police. And I was told he was cleared as well. I didn't include a lot of the details of his crimes because they are just too graphic and disturbing. This guy isn't even a human. This guy is a fucking animal who doesn't deserve to live. Do I think he was capable of hurting and or killing Princess? Absolutely he was. 

Additional Analysis- 6-29-2019

At this point. I believe that Larry Lujan is the best and most likely suspect in Princess' disappearance. I was told she called John to see if he would give her a ride home. And since he declined. I believe she also called Lujan either before or after she called John. I also believe she probably in one way or another convinced Lujan to get her. An argument ensued. And with Lujan's background. I do not think he would have any remorse in hurting Princess or even his unborn child. There were additional details of Lujans's crimes that I left out that were just gruesome. This guy just needs to be executed. From what I was told. This guy was a loose wire before he even committed those crimes. I have additional reasons as to why I believe Lujan is guilty as well. I am awaiting verification on a few details. Check for further updates in the future.

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