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Teresa Lawyer-Wisner

Not a lot about this case online. This post will likely be the most detailed on the case you will find.

                                                    (Literally the only picture I can find!)

Teresa Lawyer Wisner

Case Number: I90E1013 (Madison County Sheriffs Department) 
Reported: 10/2/91
Last Seen: 5/24/1990 Walking along Indiana State Rd. 37. Around 10:30 pm. Prior to that she was last seen at Roxie's Airport Inn in Elwood, Indiana.
Height: 5'1
Weight: 130lbs
Hair: Reddish Blonde/Brown
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Last seen wearing a White and Gray Sweatsuit. Gold Purse with Gold Trim. Gold Chain with a Diamond Pendant. 
Spouse: Married James L. Wisner on 10/12/85. By all accounts it was a rocky relationship. They did have a 2 year old son at the time she disappeared. She was in the process of seeking a divorce and had an appointment with an attorney the following morning. (Interesting huh?)
Son: At the time she had a 2 year old son named Jimmy. James L. Wisner being the father. 
Parents: Walter ("Sonny") and Wilma Lawyer

Excerpts from the Herald Bulletin 4/16/91

"Earlier in in the investigation, Two Elwood men reported seeing a woman matching Teresa Wisner's description about 10:30pm on May 24th. She was walking along Indiana 37."

"They reported seeing a small gray car, Similar to the Toyota owned by the couple, Drive up alongside her. It appeared to be a man inside who exchanged words with her." (APD Detective Bob Blount stated)

"The man then shouted obscenities at the woman and drove away."

"Blount said the Elwood men later identified Wisner's Toyota as the car they had seen last May by the sound of the muffler."

 Herald Bulletin 4/20/91       

* Apparently Teresa voiced her dissatisfaction to her parents regarding her marriage prior to her disappearance.
* Wilma Lawyer said James Wisner talked to them about Teresa's behavior prior to May and asked her and Sonny to persuade Teresa to reconsider the decision to divorce him.

* Madison County Police Detective Bob Blount said he has talked with the Lawyers several times and suspects homicide after receiving a letter addressed to the couple. The letter reported Wisner's fear that she was in danger and named the source of her suspected danger.


*According to Detective Bob Blount a "Foul Oder was reported at Wisner's home 2 days after wife disappeared." And a Search Warrant was obtained on 4/21/91. 
* Brother in Law later found car abandoned. A 1979 Toyota.(Uh-Huh Sure!) 
* Wilma and Sonny later went through the legal system to obtain visitation rights for Jimmy.


Not a lot to go on with this case since there is so little online to find. Tried reaching out to her son Jimmy as well as his wife via Facebook. Never received a response. I do have contact info for her parents who are still in the area. I might reach out to them at some point. I agree its obviously a homicide. I doubt the mom would willingly just leave and never contact the son. The report of her walking down State Road 37 is very telling if we can believe that it was her. I believe it was. James L. Wisner's brother found the car and a search warrant was issued from the Anderson Police Department for James L. Wisner's residence. Its clear where the investigators were going with the investigation. And Detective Bob Blount stated he suspected homicide. No body and no other evidence shows why this investigation is cold. 


MissingPerson' Page
Madison County Sheriffs Department Facebook Post
Teresa L. Wisner Marriage Record
James L. Wisner Marriage Record
Herald Bulletin Article that briefly mentions Wisner
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Yelp Page for Airport Inn


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