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Note: I actually started this entry in May while in Anaheim. It's been awhile since I have been motivated to write. As readers of this blog will know I do take frequent extended breaks. This recent break was of a personal nature. I'll just say, Sometimes things just don't work out. However, I will never give up on this blog or for justice for the victims of the cases I profile. 


Pretty cool announcement to make. I am writing this in Anaheim, CA. Why am I in Anaheim do you ask? Ever hear of a little show on the ID Channel called On The Case w/Paula Zahn? Well at the request of Dorothy's son Shawn they flew me down here free of charge and I actually not only visited the area where the partial remains of Dorothy's body were found. But I also ended up doing an interview with her show regarding the case. I am told it will air in around 3 months. In this entry I will be posting yet more never before seen photographs. Which will likely be taken from this entry (Like the last ones were) and used in a host of other blogs. Without being credited here. This case more than any other has taught me how selfish this community really is in that regard. And in others. But as Jim Carrey's character said in Bruce Almighty "That's the way the cookie crumbles!" I would really like to thank the production team for the show for being remarkably professional and courteous. Especially Kristin who should really have her own show to be honest. And not to mention one remarkably beautiful woman. I also wanna thank Shawn Scott for being a very good friend and sharing all these pictures that you will see for the first time. As well as his wife and daughter who I met while I stayed for the short period of time I did. I was also able to find out certain details as to what Dorothy was wearing the night she was abducted. And what color eyes she had. Also, When and if my interview makes the cut. I don't think I did a real good job. If it does make the cut this will be my first time on television and if they end up including any of my interview questions I ended up being completely flustered. I answered one completely incorrectly. They asked me something along the lines of "Why do you think the killer actually made the calls to newspaper as well as to Dorothy Parents?" I said something along the lines of "They wanted to relive the crime". And I don't believe that is true. I honestly believe the calls were an attempt to throw off the investigation. Make it seem as tho the crime was one of passion. When they were more likely in regards to illegal activity. The reason for me being flustered was that I had this remarkably beautiful woman asking me these questions. I had grown quite fond of her in the short time we worked together and it completely threw me. So yeah, I'm a failure haha. Needless to say I won't be upset if it doesn't air at all. Hopefully I make it in there somewhere tho. 

Update: Turns out I will make it in their episode after all. The program will air on October 17th on ID & October 10th on Discovery+.

Note: If you use my pictures please don't be a douche. Please credit my blog. 

Dorothy Jane Scott

Date of Birth: 4/23/48 to Jacob and Vera Scott
Height & Weight: 5'8 & 145 lbs.
Hair & Eyes: Brown & Blue
Wearing: Blue Levis, Brown 1 Piece Bathing Suit w/ Straps, Multi Colored Satin Shirt, and Rust Colored Shoes.
Case Number: MC80-0565
LIfestyle: Even tho it has no bearing on the case at this time. I did learn that Dorothy was bisexual. (Here come all the internet detectives that will run away with this like they did the Butler information. Jilted lover? Was the suspect a she? Oh I'll help you out. In one magazine I read that covered this case it hinted the voice was a soft voice)

Recent Developments

I was able to recently track down and speak to Pam Head who was extremely courteous and nice. I interviewed her several months ago. She was able to answer a few nagging questions I had in the back of my mind as well as told me a few new details. One being that Dorothy's son Shawn was with her at the meeting. This makes more sense as to why Dorothy dropped by her parents house on the way to the hospital. She didn't want to take Shawn with them. Also, Pam was NOT certain the car she saw that night was Dorothy's. It might have been. It might not have been. Since she was one of the two witnesses at the location that night. I'll have to reconsider whether or not THAT aspect of the case has become overblown or not. She did say that the car she witnessed did not have the headlights on. So this could be an occurrence where some driver simply forgot to turn on their headlights on before leaving. Or it might have been the perpetrator. However, If you read into the reports at the time. Pam is on record stating there was a car IN FRONT of Dorothy's car. One other detail was that there was an empty pack of cigarettes left where Dorothy parked her car. Whether or not it was related or not is anyone's guess. Hopefully Law Enforcement did at least pick them up and add them as evidence. I was not able to speak to the detective on the case as he was busy filming to be on the episode as well. I also was able to verify that Pam did participate in some filming as well. The other witness, Conrad Bostran declined to participate in the episode. There does seem to be a discrepancy regarding Pam's recalling of events. They seem to differ regarding published accounts at the time. And what she told me during the call. I do NOT believe this to be anything to do with her being dishonest. This could easily be attributed to either misremembering the events or bad reporting by the news outlets. She did admit to being hypnotized after the incident. Nothing of a substantial value was recovered. Even if there were, I don't place a lot of value in hypnosis honestly. If I were to bet on which account to best believe. It would put more credence in the older reports as studies have shown a person's recall to be less than accurate as they age.

The Location

Like I said earlier I was able to visit the the general vicinity where Dorothy's remains were found in 1984. I also took some pics. There has been some work done around the area. So it's virtually impossible to locate the exact location. I have tried locating the person who found the remains to see if maybe he would be able to give me a better general estimate on the approximate location. He worked for Pacific Bell at the time. So far I have not been able to. 

This is a good estimation as to where her remains were found. Or so I'm told.
I do not believe this to be the original location where her remains were discarded however.
This location is just off Santa Ana Canyon Rd.

More Pictures of the Surrounding Area

Pictures of the surrounding area

As I said I do not believe this location to be the actual location where her remains were discarded. Since it was only a partial set of remains it is likely that due to natural occurrences such as floods and heavy rains that the remains actually traveled to that area. I could be wrong as I am not a geologist. However it would also account for the remains of the dog that were found with the remains. I've heard all kinds of crazy theories as to why the dog remains were found with Dorothy's. Some say it was satanic cult activity. And others say it was to mask the scent of a body. And others say the dog remains were placed there to confuse any person(s) who came across Dorothy's remains and make them think it was actually a dog buried there. Never mind the human skull everyone. It's clearly a dog. Or even more outlandish, I've heard some say that the murderer(s) brought a dead dog with them in case someone came by while they are digging. 

"Oh I'm just burying a dog here. Never mind me I'm just burying a dog. Don't ask me about the body in the back of my car tho......"


On my trip back from Anaheim all I did was go over the known facts of the case over and over again in my head. And I have been forced to conclude that the owner of the store at the time John Kycola knows more about what happened to Dorothy that fateful night than is generally known. John apparently owned the land that Dorothy's remains were found on. That was news to me. Like I said before, I don't believe the location where her remains were found were the location she was buried. The remains found were only a partial set. That either tells me that the remains were scattered by animals or natural occurrences in the geology of the area moved them there. Or both. If John Kycola was in fact involved in the burial of Dorothy's remains, Why would he bury them on his own land only for them to be found later by a contractor putting down lines? He simply may have not realized that the remains were moved by natural activity. Or he may have thought the remains (If still there) would have been so scattered they wouldn't be found together. And that it would just be another jigsaw puzzle for investigators to put together. One of many during those days. He was one of the few (in addition to the members of the meeting Dorothy attended) that knew where Dorothy was going to be. Also, Dorothy was a book keeper for both of his stores. And if you remember correctly, Years after Dorothy's death John was indicted on federal charges stemming from tax evasion. This is from an LA Times article dated June 12th 1996... 

"The owner of an Anaheim business was indicted Tuesday on tax evasion charges. John H. Kocyla, 48, owner of Custom John’s General Store, was accused of filing returns for two years that falsely showed he had no taxable income.

The federal grand jury indictment in Los Angeles charges Kocyla had “material” taxable income in 1989 and 1990 that he failed to report. “The amount is substantial, but we want to reserve that figure until trial,” Assistant U.S. Atty. Jean A. Kawahara said.

Arraignment for Kocyla, now living in Klamath Falls, Ore., has not been set yet, she said. He could not be reached for comment.

Kocyla owned a second business, Swingers Gift Shop in Anaheim, which has been closed and consolidated into Custom John’s, according to Kawahara and a store employee."

This would make me at least consider that he may have been involved in something like this during the time that Dorothy was his book keeper. Or possibly something bigger. The calls to Dorothy's parents house as well as the calls to Dorothy herself I believe were to make it seem as though this was a crime of passion. The caller continually tried to make it seem like Dorothy's murder was a crime of passion. It's also interesting to know that in the weeks prior to her abduction and murder that she was visited by her ex husband who lived in Missouri. And as readers know he was eventually ruled out. Interesting timing don't you think? What a better scapegoat than the ex. Are these theories? Perhaps, But they fit the facts of the case pretty well so far. I will not rule out a crime of passion. I just find it odd that the caller wanted everyone else to believe it was a crime of passion so bad that the calls continued for years afterwards. Up until Jacob answered the phone. And that was the last time the caller phoned. Jacob was the previous owner of one of the shops. Was someone scared? Well someone should be. There are other reasons as to why I believe that John Kycola knows more. But I am not at liberty to say them at this time. Let's just say it's an extremely interesting lead. I can assure you there will be some additional details coming up in the future. Until then. 

More Pictures Of Dorothy

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Jacob and Vera Scott

Ok, I do wanna say that if I ever reach out to you and say "Let's collaborate on a case." I am doing it because I think that you are a selfless person. That you care more about a case than promoting ones self. I don't mind if you promote yourself. But if you pose as an expert or someone who is use to investigating cases to make yourself feel better or more important. If you think you are important because you have talked to the detective on the case. (The same detective that you didn't even try and introduce me to.) You will lose me almost immediately. Don't try and act like you are someone special or important. Don't act like you know more than I do. I don't mean that in an egotistical way either. Extend the same courtesy to me as I did to you. Just when I go into a situation trying NOT to be an asshole. I am reminded of why I am.

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