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Where is BB?-Missing: Beatrice Villela

I've been extremely interested in this case for a few years. And I tried desperately to contact her sisters as well as other family members. I held this post in idle for a long time hoping to get a response. I know one of her sisters was battling cancer some time back and it appears to have went into remission thankfully. I couldn't get an answer from the sisters. There are so many questions I have regarding this case. I wish I had answers to. I did obtain the Police Report and read through it extensively. I am still looking into this case at many levels so expect an update in the near future as well as additional information being added to this entry. Also the fonts as well as the color of the fonts are screwy in this entry. I've tried to fix it. But Blogger is still as glitchy as ever.

UPDATE 9/27/2019: I contacted Melissa Vega of News 4 in San Antonio. I gave her some of the Case File that was released to me by San Antonio PD. She is the one who covered BB's …

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