First I would like to thank Suzanne for her kindness and patience with regards to my infinite number of questions. I imagine my eagerness to ask all those questions probably taxed her to one degree or another. During the entire day we traded emails back and forth she was always forthcoming and extremely kind. She truly is a wonderful person and for that I am truly grateful and appreciative. She continues to speak to her relatives that were closely related to Tammy from her mother's side and has nothing but good things to say about all of them. Funny thing is she has nice things to say about people who haven't treated her very kindly. Mr. Rue for example. That's just her personality. She is still very eager to find out what happened to her sister as I am sure all of her relatives still are. I will say that she has been very forthcoming over the years and most of what we discussed were just clarifications. If I remember correctly I was only able to confirm that Tammy did take her Step Father's (Richard Leppert) last name. Of which I had already established from news articles of the time. I would like to again thank Suzanne for her time and patience and hope and pray that her health issues improve so she can again lead the search to find her missing sister Tammy. 

 Well this case has it all:

 Very Attractive Young Teenage Girl
 Strange Disappearance
 Possible Serial Killer(s)
 Possible Government Corruption
 Possible Drug Connections
 Possible Homicide

 When one sits back and analyzes the information. You can make a "Who Done It" Murder  Mystery out of this story. (Assuming one occurred to begin with)

 So there are only 2 possible scenarios in my opinion.

 *Tammy left of her own accord and never came back. And possibly attained an alternate  identity.
 *Tammy met with violence and or an accident after leaving of her own accord.


  Ok, So I have seen a number of people on boards that feature this case say that Linda Curtis  did it. (Tammy's Mom) I don't see any motive for that to be the case. Tammy was her bread  and butter so to speak. There may have been tension at the time. But I do not think that Linda  Curtis had anything to do with it. According to reports Linda Curtis was living with the  Flanagans and she was running her talent agency at the same time as being Tammy's agent.  A   percentage of Tammy's income assisted her mother. Nothing to gain by getting rid of Tammy.     I  don't make too much out of the tension the  two of them since Tammy was an 18 year old         girl dealing with her mom. Anyone with kids can relate to that. Also, If Linda Curtis were  involved in some way. She would have to have been aided by Keith Roberts. He picked her up.  He was the last one to see her alive. Before she passed she alluded to Tammy being afraid of  Roberts. And mentioned him in the police report. Her being involved just doesn't wash. She  even tried assisting Tammy with her emotional issues she was having by having her admitted  for a 72 hour evaluation. Some have hinted at psychological issues. I'm having my doubts on  whether or not those issues were  psychological to begin with. The Unsolved Mysteries segment  tried to allude to her just being a nutcase. The more I read the less I believe that  interpretation. Remember the rumor about  Tammy possibly being 3 months pregnant?    Maybe it was hormones.....

 Or maybe she was depressed already and being pregnant triggered her

 The pregnancy aspect is an interesting factor in the case. Even if I was only able to find that it  was a rumor. Other say it's fact. I have not been able to confirm one way or the other. Who has  the most to lose by being pregnant? Tammy's career would be slowed  for awhile that's for  sure. But she could resume it afterwards. We can already count out Linda  Curtis. We establish  she still had a business and that Tammy being gone would not help her at all. Plus she would  have to have the assistance of Keith Roberts. Only to turn around and point her finger  literally directly at him. Doesn't make sense. One could say the father of the baby has the most  to lose. Whoever that may have been that is. I mean assuming the pregnancy rumor was true of  course. 

 The interesting thing about Linda Curtis is her theory regarding what happened to her  daughter kept evolving shall we say. 

 1) She was sure Roberts knew more than he let on. That Tammy was scared of Roberts. She  seemed to be pointing a finger directly at him.

 2) Then she was writing a book and screenplay accusing local elite of having something to do with it. Drug, Money Laundering, etc. Here is a quote from Linda Curtis about this:

"I want people over there to know I'm writing a book, I want to shake them up. I want the criminal to know they can't absorb my child or anyone's child without ultimately paying the penalty for it."

She also saidTammy stated a friend bragged to her on a large scale money operation in Brevard. Cops, Bankers, and Leading Citizens- the people in on the take were powerful enough to make Tammy fear she knew too much.

 3) Then she was sure Christopher Bernard Wilder was involved. Interestingly she stated that someone who looked like him came in. She was sure it was either him or a twin. 
Another statement that makes absolutely no sense in this scenario is "He talked to her, She was his contact." So she is either sure it was Wilder or his twin. Yet her daughter was his contact. She was Tammy's agent and she didn't know for sure if it was Wilder? Odd! One very interesting aspect of the Wilder scenario is that Linda filed the lawsuit against Wilder for a million dollars. She claims she only did so to get Wilder to answer questions about Tammy. Yet she filed for the lawsuit apparently (at least according to newspaper reports) AFTER Wilder was killed. So he couldn't have answered questions about Tammy. She later dropped the lawsuit tho. From what it looks like from my end. Her lawyer may have stated that its unlikely they'd win. And probably would have to put more money and effort into it than they were likely to receive even if they won. 


What really escapes me is the last person to see  her alive was Keith Roberts. Yet, At one point he was according to police "Immediately ruled out as a suspect" Why? I'd like to ask.  I'm sure there are probably other cases where the last person to see a person alive was  immediately ruled out as a suspect. But I can't remember any right off. Yet later on, Roberts broke two face to face meeting with the Police. So the Police obviously wanted to  question Roberts. Yet he broke two meetings to do so. So now he was the last person to see her  alive. And he also broke two appointments with Police. To be objective Roberts stated that he completely cooperated and was never asked by Police to come in for questioning. I'm not sure why the Police would lie about that. But they also stated that Linda Curtis's suspicions about  Roberts never panned out either. Roberts also stated that he declined involvement with  Unsolved Mysteries due in part to the questions that were being asked. Here is part of a Florida Today article by Billy Cox that talks about Roberts.

 Lt. Jim Scraggs, who handled the case in 1983, says Curtis' suspicions about Roberts never panned out. 

"Given no more information than we had, there wasn't much more we could do," Scraggs says. "There was nothing out of the ordinary about the guy. No criminal history, no nothing."

On the other hand, Scraggs recalls his two telephone conversations with Roberts as being "short and non-specific" He says the only thing that bothered him was when Roberts broke two appointments to come to the station for a face-to-face interview. 

"That concerned me greatly," Scraggs says, adding, "Roberts was never properly interrogated." 

Scraggs says he hasn't questioned Roberts in seven years. 

Today, Roberts answers the telephone at a residential number on the original police report. 

Roberts, a 30-year-old Melbourne car salesman, says he met Leppert in one of Curtis' acting classes around 1980. He says the Tami he remembers suffered a "drastic" and "weird" character change in the months before her disappearance. He says that she told him she was unhappy at home and that she wanted to leave. 

"Everything seemed to be falling in on her at the time," Roberts says, "and she was acting real paranoid. She said that her mom had put her in a hospital against her will and that (Tami) was sleeping with a knife under her pillow - stuff like that. I don't know what happened to her. All I know is that there was this explosion, and she really freaked out." 

Roberts says Leppert called him in Lakeland, where he worked in a bank, and asked him to drive over and pick her up. He says she also asked him to lend her some money. 

"I didn't even have to get out of the car, she was waiting for me," Roberts says. "All I know is she wanted out." 

Roberts says that he gave Leppert $300 and that she wanted him to drop her off with friends in Fort Lauderdale. Roberts says he didn't have time for that, suggesting instead that he take her home. 

"At that point she said,'Let me out. Let me out! Stop, stop! So I just said OK, whatever you want," he says. "And that's the last I saw of her." 

Roberts says that he cooperated fully with the police investigation and that he was never scheduled for an appointment at the Cocoa Beach police station. After initially agreeing to appear on "Unsolved Mysteries," Roberts backed out when he understood the proposed line of questioning. 

"They were asking me questions like, 'Did I think Linda had anything to do with Tami's disappearance.' " Roberts says, "So I told them I wasn't gonna go on a show and start slinging mud on her mother. I told them everything I knew on the phone and that wasn't good enough." 
 Like I stated in Part One. Someone did post on the Sitcoms Online board and claim they were  the ex wife of Roberts and that he apparently knew more or something. I saw the post. Didn't  lend much credence to it at the time. If I remember right that's all the person ever posted to  the board. No specifics. I could be wrong. I also read elsewhere that Roberts was arrested for  aggravated assault on an ex as well. Again, Have not been able to verify that. I will continue to   research that aspect of the case tho. I find it interesting that Linda Curtis was on the Unsolved  Mysteries program as was Rick Adams. The story featured didn't leave you with the    impression there was any foul play on behalf of the people that knew her. Yet, Roberts stated  he declined to be on the program due to the questioning. He stated that they were asking  questions related to implicating Linda Curtis. If you find the segment online anywhere you  don't see anything related to that being implied. To be fair tho. Unsolved Mysteries could've  had that  approach to begin with. And then opted to do something else. But I will say that if I  did do something to someone who for all intensive purposes "Disappeared". I wouldn't want  my face connected to a segment on that program. I might even try to paint myself as a good  guy and say I didn't do it for this or that reason. (You smell what I'm stepping in? ;) ) Now why  would Roberts have a motive? It would have to be something that was sensitive in nature to  him. (Stating this because he had no prior record at the time) Did Tammy know something? Did Tammy have something? In a Florida Times article dated 7/12/83 Linda Curtis stated this: 

Curtis said her daughter left the house early Wednesday afternoon to go out with a visiting friend from Tampa, who Curtis only knows by the name of "Keith". 
Leppert had been undergoing emotional and physical problems for a few months and had met with "Keith" to talk things out, Curtis said. But the friend dropped Leppert off just two blocks south of the glass bank on SR A1A in Cocoa Beach after a heated discussion, Curtis said. He was the last person to see her. 
"From what he says she was just really upset," Curtis said, "And he didn't know how to handle that." 

I found this part interesting:


Emotional and PHYSICAL PROBLEMS huh? Pregnancy "rumor" anyone? Not sure. But I will say that if some information comes out after all these years that says she WAS in fact pregnant. And say if continuous research going forward shows that Roberts WAS in fact arrested for aggravated assault. Whether it be an ex or not. That would be VERY INTERESTING wouldn't you say? And to talk WHAT OUT? What could it have been that the two needed to talk out? Hmmmmm ;) Apparently whatever they talked out took around 2 hours. He picked her up at 11am and dropped her off at 1pm. (In or around)

To be objective though, Six days after she disappeared an article appeared in the Florida Times by Hanah Lea Skolnick. (6/12/83) It states in the article:

Lt. David Bartman of the Cocoa Beach Police Department said his officers' task was made more difficult by the delayed report and by the fact that Leppert, who recently turned 18, is legally an adult. 
They are combing the beach area and distributing fliers with Leppert's picture, as well as following up possible leads, Bartman said. But foul play is not suspected and there is no indication Leppert was taken anywhere against her will, Bartman said. 
Leppert has blond hair, hazel eyes and, at 5-feet 4-inches tall, weighs about 105 pounds.


According to CCBPD Capt. Bob Wicker:

"I can't say there was anything unusual about the case. Other than some faintly problems I understand she was having at home."

So as you can see. The Police initially thought there was no foul play. No foul play? No Suspects. But their opinion regarding that seemed to change after a time. Otherwise they wouldn't have asked him (According to them) to come to the station for a face to face interview. 

 I rate Keith Roberts high on my suspects list that's IF a crime was committed to begin with.

 The calls to her Aunt Ginger:

I personally believe that she didn't phone her Aunt Ginger like it was reported she had done. She may have made a call to her. But 3? But I'm not entirely convinced it went as it was reported. First why call 3 times? No one else that were close to her received any calls like the ones that were reported. Only Ginger. Plus its said that messages were left. And that she sounded scared. Why not call her mom? Or Rick Adams. Or the Police for that matter. When did this detail emerge? Because the Police initially stated that there were no hints that she was taken against her will. Did Linda Curtis not inform the police of this little detail? So Ginger didn't either? I'm not buying it. I believe this was something to try and get a reaction out of the last person to see her alive. No newspapers at the time spoke to Ginger regarding the calls or messages. And if messages were recorded. You'd think she would've saved them and gave them to police. At the time the messages were stored on the answering machine and played back until you wanted to delete them. Yet the police have yet to comment on the recordings. That's if there were any to begin with. However, If she did make a call to her Aunt Ginger's store. From a payphone that is. That backs up Roberts story of dropping Tammy off. 

Conspiracy Theories involving Drugs and Money Laundering:

 I looked up this but I didn't do it for very long. Like I said it was one of only a number of conspiracy theories about what may have became of Tammy Lynn. I can't correlate any direct evidence to this theory. Other than Linda Curtis. Wander what ever happen to that screenplay and book idea? However news articles regarding Brevard County show a large amount of corruption involving the local government. Even dating back to the 80s. But I haven't dedicated a large amount of time to investigating this aspect. I did provide a few links above. I'd like to state one thing about this scenario. If the local government was a corrupt as Linda stated. If they were involved with Money Laundering and Drugs etc. (Not stating they weren't.) They could've just as easily just pinned Tammy's disappearance on Wilder. Blamed him and be done with it. He can't say he didn't either since he is dead.


Not gonna spend a lot of time on this. Suzanne told me already, As I previously read. That both Crutchley and Wilder were already counted out as suspects. I wouldn't give up on the Wilder aspect so easily. But LE may have only went to him after hearing what Linda stated about him coming into the agency. 


Very possible this happened. If she was pregnant. If there was tension between Linda and Tammy. I can see this happening. The only thing that bothers me about this is. Tammy would have to have really hated her mother. From personal experience I do NOT get along with my mother at all. I don't talk to her. However, If she was on her death bed like Linda Curtis was. And wanted to know if I was ok. Like Linda did with Tammy. I'd call or see my mom. Yet, Tammy apparently didn't. This aspect goes against everything I have ever read about Tammy. Tammy once gave up a crown at a beauty contest to someone who thought they won because the announcer called the wrong person the winner. That alone suggests to me that this scenario isn't likely. Unless, There is a lot more to the relationship between Linda and Tammy that has yet to be revealed. Roberts stated he dropped off Tammy Lynn at 1pm near Glass Bank. Suzanne stated there was a tip that a motorist saw Tammy or someone that looked like Tammy hitchhiking. If the tip is credible that not only backs up Roberts story. But also backs up Tammy leaving of her own accord. That suggests either she stayed away all this time. And never used her SSN again. (Whichever one that may have been) Or adopted an alternate identity or something. But even if she hated her mother. Which I don't believe. She would also have to hate all the members of her family that have been searching for her all these years. Kinda hard to believe. But possible nonetheless. Maybe she just wanted out completely as Roberts suggested. The calls that Harold Lewis talked about receiving at the station lends credence towards that possibility. The calls stated Tammy was alive and would contact her family soon. And the other about her becoming a nurse. Linda Curtis didn't believe that because Tammy was scared to death of blood. Hence the Scarface incident. However, I have a good friend who was also scared of blood. Who became a registered nurse. So its not outside the realm of possibility. I will also say that her best friend Rick Adams stated Tammy told him she might be going away for awhile. Which also validates the theory she left of her own free will. 


This is likely as well. Maybe she left with Roberts. Things became heated. And something happened. Or maybe she asked Roberts to drop her off. He did. And she was hitch hiking and a piece of shit son of a bitch like a Crutchley or Wilder killed her. Roberts stated he loaned her money. $300 is not a bad amount of money. People have been killed for a lot less. And a gorgeous woman like Tammy hitch hiking. A beauty queen. I mean who wouldn't pull over for a damsel in distress? Or possibly it was an accident. A botched abortion? Assuming she was pregnant of course. There are so many possibilities regarding this. 


The facts of the case indicate something happened of an undesirable nature to Tammy Lynn Leppert. I believe she was mad at her mom at the time. She may have wanted out as Roberts suggested. I have a tendency to believe she was in fact pregnant. And that Roberts may have been the father. I have zero evidence to back up that theory. But it fits the facts. Keith Roberts was the last person to see her alive. He went from not being a suspect. To the Police wanting to question him. And he cancelled two face to face meetings. Didn't appear on Unsolved Mysteries either. So he apparently wasn't concerned with where she was at. At least not enough to appear on the program. Even if the questions were not ones he liked. He could have just said he didn't  believe Linda Curtis had anything to do with it. We have a tip involving ONE MOTORIST. I mean look at her pictures. Whether she had combed her hair or not. I think more would have noticed Tammy. I almost want to believe someone else phoned in that tip almost to validate Roberts story. I do agree with Linda Curtis. By all accounts. Roberts knows more than he has let on.


For all interested I plan on doing a follow up to this which would end up making this a 3 part post. The 3rd will be the final post on Tammy Lynn Leppert. This will likely be a month or so down the road.


Continue reading

7-19-2020: I am in the process of completely overhauling this entry and I'm about 50% done. I will be adding info to the entry as well. In typical blogger fashion there will be formatting issues with the text sizes and whether parts are in bold or not in bold.  



October 12, 2016

 I would just like to say that I have attempted to call Tammy's sister Suzanne on 2 occasions. And I have not heard back from her. I respect that she does not wish to speak with me. From what I have read there has been a lot of trolling done by assholes that think they are connected to the case. And by some who are. And then there is the Sitcoms Online Board which at times has good information on it. But like many other boards it is maligned with dumb asses. (Wiseguy182 for example) I also would like to say that I do not wish any ill will towards the family by writing this blog entry. I do not wish to intentionally disparage anyone's character in this entry either. My heart goes out to the family of Tammy Lynn Leppert. This case has long since been of interest to me. Part One will deal with the disappearance. Part 2 will deal with my opinion and analysis of the case.

Update. I have since been in contact with Suzanne. She is battling health issues. Which is why it took longer for her to respond. I ask to please keep her in your thoughts. 

Personal Information

Date of Birth: 2/5/1965 (To Linda Curtis, Linda passed away 10/4/95)
Missing Since: 7/6/1983
Missing From: She lived in Rockledge, FL but was allegedly dropped off in Cocoa Beach.
Height and Weight: 5'4 & anywhere from 103 lbs to 115 lbs
Hair and Eyes: Blonde & Hazel
Wearing: Blue Shirt w/Flowers, Denim Blue Skirt, Gray Purse and Flip Flops. 
(Some reports state she was barefoot. Specifically Unsolved Mysteries. That as I stated before is incorrect)
Occupation: Actress, Model and Beauty Queen. 
Other: Tammy was rumored to be 3 months pregnant at the time she disappeared. Suzanne stated she confirmed this. I wasn't told how. Debbie states she doesn't believe she was or Tammy would have told her. Some rumors go farther and say she was seeking an abortion the day she disappeared. Again I have not been able to verify this to be true. Tammy was suffering from emotional problems at the time she disappeared. She even stayed 72 Hours at a Mental Health Facility in Brevard County. They found nothing wrong. If we go by what is reported, There were no drugs or alcohol in her system. And at this time there is no reason to not believe this.

Orlando Sentinel 2-9-1975
Orlando Sentinel 2-5-1978

One Of The Most Popular Songs At The Time
She's A Beauty: The Tubes 

"Bye Mommy, I'll see you in a little bit okay?" 
The last words Tammy spoke to Linda 

1052 Pompano Dr. Rockledge, FL: It was Wing Flanagan's residence at the time. Linda & Tammy were staying there. This is where Keith Roberts picked up Tammy.

Details of Disappearance

Tammy left the residence her family was staying at in Rockledge, Florida at around 11 am with a friend named Keith Roberts. (More on him later) Roberts later told authorities that he and Tammy got into an argument while driving and that he dropped her off in a parking lot outside the Glass Bank near an Exxon gasoline station. The Exxon was in the vicinity of State Rd A1A between N 2nd and N 3rd St. (In Cocoa Beach, Florida) Leppert was carrying a gray purse when she went missing. Many reports erroneously state that she was barefoot at the time. And that is incorrect. Her mom did state that she noticed Tammy had not combed her hair that day. Something that was out of the ordinary for her. She had usually spent a considerable amount of time with her appearance before going anywhere. According to her mother Linda, Tammy had plans to go to California before she disappeared to act in some movie roles. I have spoken with Tammy's other half sister Debbie about this and she remembers Tammy calling her about the trip. During the call Tammy asked Debbie if she could stay with her while she was there. (At the time Debbie was living in California.) Debbie doesn't remember much about the call other than Tammy was acting very cautious. She never got the chance to go. I have attempted to track down what acting roles Tammy was pursuing at the time. I have been unable to do so.  

Tammy had appeared in a few movies such as Spring Break, Scarface, and Video Wars

With her Uncle Jim
Tammy with her mom Linda

Tammy's Family
Linda and her family (Top Right)

Tammy's Mother-Linda Lee Curtis

Early Life

Linda Lee Curtis was a born on 5/20/1941 and was a former Beauty Queen herself. She was Tammy's Agent. She was the Owner and Operator of the Galaxy Model Workshop on Merrit Island during the 80s. (I've also seen it called Galaxy Productions) In a few newspapers of the time she is said to have had a track record for turning young talent into Beauty Contest Winners. However I know of at least one other person who attended this workshop. And it was rumored that Linda was a really bad con-women. She basically just took money and did little with the development aspect. By all accounts from people I have talked to Linda was not a model person or parent. For instance no one knows who Tammy's real father was. Tammy took on the last name of Leppert. But she was adopted by a former husband of Linda, Richard Dix Leppert. Richard also had a kid with Linda. He considered Linda such a bad parent that he took their son away from Linda altogether. I was told by Tammy's half sister Debbie that Linda was verbally abusive and at times physically abusive towards her children. Debbie spoke of an instance where Linda threw a butter knife across the room at Tammy when they were fighting. I will say that Debbie also told me that Linda herself had a rough upbringing. And she thought that Linda did love all her kids. She just didn't know how to show it. This could have been an instance of her upbringing trickling down to her own kids after she had them. If you watch the Unsolved Mysteries segment she alludes to the fights her and Tammy had. 

Linda was also the mother of Suzanne, Bonnie, Debbie and Rick

Later Life: Tammy's Disappearance & After

After Tammy disappeared Linda had a host of different theories as to what happened to her daughter. In the actual police report she alludes to a man named Robert Valenti as being suspicious with young girls. In the Unsolved Mysteries segment she points a finger at the person who picked her up (Keith Roberts) among others. In the newspapers she points to local elites in the government as well as Serial Killer Christopher Bernard Wilder. She was even critical of law enforcement's handling of the investigation as the years went on. At one point Linda stated she was writing a book and screenplay about her daughter's disappearance. Nothing ever coming of either. She alluded to Tammy knowing about a large scale money operation and being kidnapped and murdered as a result. Basically she was everywhere with her accusations. Linda never got answers as to what happened to Tammy. During her later years Linda developed several health issues. She was also involved in a serious car accident that caused her to become disabled. She ended up receiving a bad blood transfusion and getting an infection as a result. She was already terminally ill at the time only having weeks or months to live. She was suffering from kidney failure and a degenerative heart condition that resulted in her having several heart attacks. She ended up passing away of renal failure at the age of 54. 

Spring Break Trailer
 It's rumored that Tammy's body was used to make this poster
Tammy on the set of Spring Break 

Events Leading Up To Tammy's Disappearance 

According to Linda,(And Unsolved Mysteries) After the filming of Spring Break was completed in July of 1982. Tammy went unchaperoned to a party and came back different. (I have yet to validate the time and place of this party. Or anyone who attended it) After she came back she started to exhibit paranoid behavior. She was very cautious when eating and would not eat from open containers. She spent extended periods of time in her room and would not leave the house. She began to allude that someone was trying to kill her. According to Linda she never told her who this person was. She did say that she had witnessed something so horrible she was going to get killed for it. Tammy allegedly was extremely vague about the details other than alluding to money laundering, drugs, and violence. Tammy was eventually cast in the Al Pacino movie Scarface. On the fourth day of shooting there was a scene involving a man getting shot and a lot of artificial blood was used. As a result of this Tammy had a breakdown. The scene was recast using a different girl and Tammy went home. 

Tammy in Scarface 


On July 1st 1983 Tammy had yet another breakdown. This time at home. She broke the windows at the house she was staying at and attacked family friend Wing Flanagan. As a result she was checked in to a mental health facility for 72 hours. She had a complete psychiatric and physical examination done. Tammy was found to be in good health. No drugs or alcohol were in her system. She was seen by Dr. Barry L. Hensel PHD. who as of this writing is still in practice. After the stay she was released and came back home. On July 5th 1983 she went out with her friend Rick Adams. They went to a church that night and prayed. Rick stated Tammy told him that she might have to go away for awhile. (To California for acting jobs?) There were plans for the, to go out the following night. However those plans never came to be.


UPDATE 4/16/2019: 
 I was able to obtain the original 2 page Police Report filed by Linda Curtis on Tammy



    According to Law Enforcement, When they reached out to Tammy's friends. They said Tammy was having trouble at home and wanted to leave. 
      As a result of poor record keeping. Tammy's dental records have been lost.
        According to Tammy's sister Suzanne. Keith was either driving a Blue Maverick or a White Corvette. (Yeah, Big difference. Not sure about that.) 
          According to Roberts the argument they had was regarding Tammy wanting him to drop her off in Fort Lauderdale. And he said he didn't have time for that.
            According to Keith Roberts, He gave Tammy $300 he dropped her off. I have read that he owed her the money. When I spoke to Roberts' ex, She doubts that aspect as he rarely had that kind of money on him the entire time they were together. If he did wind up giving her the money. There is no way of knowing whether it was cash or check. However, The proximity of the Glass Bank to where she was allegedly dropped off makes this interesting. There is also an Exxon gas station that has been mentioned several times in the vicinity of the bank. It is theorized she made the calls to her Aunt Ginger from that gas station. 


                One the day Tammy disappeared it's said she made 3 calls to her Aunt Ginger's store Ballonatics. In one she left what is described as urgent message. Her Aunt Ginger (Kolsch) was out of town at the time. Her Aunt is quoted to have stated "Tammy sounded like she was afraid of somebody. It was real. I'm convinced of that." She also stated "the runaway scenario doesn't wash." 
                (However, no recordings or transcripts to my knowledge have ever been released or hinted to. If that did indeed happen. One has to question why Cocoa Beach PD took the investigation so lightly.)


                   Possible Routes to Glass Bank from Tammy's Residence

                  GLASS BANK

                  Additional Things To Consider

                  At one point law enforcement believed Tammy to be one of the victims of Christopher Wilder. Linda Curtis even filed a one million dollar lawsuit against him. But later dropped it stating she never believed he had anything to do with Tammy's disappearance. Which makes you wonder why she filed for it in the first place. Can you say money grab? Law enforcement was never able to link Wilder to Tammy's disappearance. And it should be noted that his killing spree didn't start until almost a year after she went missing. Linda went on to state she only attempted to sue Wilder to get him to answer questions about Tammy.....Yeah.

                  Interesting statements have been made regarding Linda's income. Basically, Tammy WAS Linda's income. They were living at Wing Flanagan's residence at the time she went missing. According to the lawsuit Linda filed against Wilder, Tammy was making more than $20,000 a year at the time she went missing. And that income partially supported her mother. “Partially”.

                  FLORIDA TODAY 2/25/1985

                  Former Cocoa Beach Detective Harold Lewis stated that in 1985 he received two calls from a woman who claimed Leppert was still alive

                  Actual Quotes

                  "When the woman called the first time, she said that Tami Leppert was well and would contact us when the time was right," Lewis said.

                  "During the second call, she said that Tami was doing what she always wanted, going to school to become a nurse."

                  Lewis said he does not suspect foul play in connection with Leppert's disappearance.

                  "I have a gut feeling that Tami just split," Lewis said.

                  Lt. David Bartman of the Cocoa Beach Police Department said his officers' task was made more difficult by the delayed report and by the fact that Leppert, who recently turned 18, is legally an adult. "But foul play is not suspected and there is no indication Leppert was taken anywhere against her will" Bartman said. 

                  Her sister Suzanne maintains a Facebook Page and Website in the hopes of one day finding out what happened to her sister. 

                  According to Suzanne, Tammy was arrested for either reckless driving or driving without a license the prior year. However no fingerprints were taken. That statement was made by Suzanne on the Sitcoms Online board on 11/28/08.

                  According to Suzanne, A few family members felt that Linda, her mother, killed her. And buried her in the backyard at the house in Rockledge. 

                  Suzanne believes Tammy Lynn Leppert to be deceased.

                  Suzanne believes Tammy came up missing at a later date than previously thought. I tend to agree.

                  There is DNA in Codis for comparative analysis.

                  Tammy (according to her sister Suzanne) was said to have 3 different Social Security Numbers.

                  There seems to be a theory she might have ended up in the Witness Protection Program.

                  While researching this case I found an interesting statement made by Linda Curtis to the Florida Times on February 25th 1985.

                  "My daughter has always been spoiled by society standards," Curtis said "There's nothing the child ever wished for that she didn't get."

                  According to Suzanne, she was informed by the police that Tammy was seen hitchhiking on or around the day she disappeared. (No other information regarding this lead has ever arisen to my knowledge)

                  Tammy took the last name of her step-father Richard Leppert who has also since passed away. I noticed that reading an article where he was interviewed from Dallas after Linda's passing. That's the only time I see her father (whether step or real) mentioned. 

                  There was also a lead regarding a mechanic at the same Exxon station mentioned and pictured earlier. (No other information regarding this lead has ever arisen to my knowledge)

                  According to her friend Rick Adams- "to this day, the cops have never called to ask me anything. Pretty strange isn't it? I thought I'd be the logical person to question, since I was with her the night before she disappeared." (Note-he is also listed on the police report as a friend "with whom Tammy has attended church" with) 

                  Additional Info on Glass Bank:

                  FLICKR: GLASS BANK PHOTOS

                  Now in my opinion Glass Bank has been over analyzed in regarding this case. I've read a countless amount of brain dead conspiracy theories regarding Frank Wolfe and the penthouse he had on top of bank. Also if you read the 2 page Police report, Linda states Keith told her that he dropped Tammy off 2 BLOCKS SOUTH of Glass Bank. 2 BLOCKS SOUTH. As I said, Many tin foil hat arm chair detectives LEAP to the Glass Bank theory because of the Unsolved Mysteries segment. Everyone remembers the guy playing Keith dropping the actress playing Tammy off in the parking lot of Glass Bank without shoes and no purse. All 3 of those are incorrect as I have already stated. Now as I said in the Unfound interview, Unsolved Mysteries deliberately misled viewers on small details so that they knew who actually knew real information when they called in the tele-center. Yet people will continue to perpetuate conspiracy theories regarding how the penthouse on top of the bank has no windows. And how it had its own private elevator going up the side of the building. All that bullshit. I do believe Frank Wolfe intentionally had no windows on the penthouse for one reason. Because the penthouse sat atop of the Glass Bank, A bank with windows on the ceiling so you could watch the rockets take off from Kennedy Space Center. He did it because he had enough money to do so. It was an ego thing. That's it. He also had a windowless bachelor pad in Cocoa Beach in the 60s. Why? Because he stated he could do more with artificial light than with natural light. He wasn't nefarious. He wasn't a pedo. I refuse to go down this rabbit hole. The entire story of Frank Wolfe is a sad one. Towards the end of his life he had no family and nothing left but his penthouse. And he eventually lost that too. The Glass Bank eventually closed. And had fallen into disrepair. Frank continued to live in his penthouse for years after. Eventually the city voted to tear down the building. Including his penthouse. The city turned off the power to his penthouse. No power. No elevator. Frank was unable to gain entry to his home. Frank lost his favorite thing in the world along with all his possessions. So he ended his life outside the old building. There is more on Frank Wolfe at the bottom of the entry. 

                  Possible Suspects


                  There are some interesting aspects regarding Wilder as a possible suspect

                  Wilder did pose as a modeling agent and would ask to take pictures of beautiful young girls. He actually favored models. 

                  On March 18th, 1984 he lured Theresa Wait Ferguson away from Merritt Square Mall (on Merritt Island). He murdered her and dumped her body at Canaveral Groves where it was later discovered on March 23rd. Merritt Island is where Linda Curtis based her company Galaxy Productions.

                  He is suspected of having more victims that have not yet been identified.

                  One thing worth noting is Wilder's killing spree in Florida occurred almost a year after Tammy went missing. Although he is suspected of the 1981 murder of Mary Opitz from Fort Myers, Florida. 

                  Despite Linda Curtis changing her mind on Wilder was a suspect. She made some interesting claims regarding the possibility at time. 

                  After looking at photographs of Wilder, she said she was positive he visited her agency on several occasions in 1983. She stated a man who strongly resembled Wilder visited her modeling agency on several occasions the year Tammy went missing.

                  If it's not him, it's someone who looks so much like him, he's a twin," she said.

                  She is also quoted as saying

                  "Tammy worked part time for me," she said. "he talked to her; she was his contact." (She was his contact????)

                  Also stated in the claim

                  Curtis' claim asks for compensatory damages in excess of $1 million for her mental anguish, pain and suffering, the loss of value of her daughter's estate, and funeral expenses. 

                  (Funeral expenses? Perhaps she thought wilder would produce Tammy's body?)

                  Very odd she would go from suing him, To believing he had nothing to do with Tammy's disappearance. Especially after saying she was positive he visited her agency. Definitely a money grab.

                  Another serial killer linked to this case is John Brennan Crutchley aka The Vampire Rapist

                  He was at one point in Brevard County and committed a rape. That was in late November 1985. But he is believed to have killed as far back as 1977. (In Florida)

                  RICK ADAMS-

                  *Note: I did reach out to Adams when I started writing this entry and he said we could do an interview at some point. But I never heard back from him. I know he has battled some health problems and I wish him the best.

                  Update: 6/5/2019- I did reach out a second time. He did not respond. It may have something to do with an upcoming documentary regarding Tammy Lynn Leppert he is supposed to be involved in. (Or so i hear)

                  This is from a Florida Today article dated 3/18/1990

                  Rick Adams was one of the few people Tami-Lynn Leppert trusted to the end. "It's hard to say why, really" Adams says. "Maybe it's 

                  Because I never really wanted anything from her. "Now 27, Adams sifts through his pictures. Pointing out the times he 

                  escorted her to both his junior and senior proms at Cocoa High School. It was one of those hard-to-catagorize teen-age 

                  relationships-not exactly a hot romance, but not exactly little sister/big brother either. He knows only one thing for sure

                  "she could've dated anybody she wanted to. "they drifted apart after he graduated. Perhaps that was inevitable."TAMI Had a lot

                  Of pressure about her appearance in public, "Adam recalls. "because of who she was, she felt like she had this image she had 

                  To live up to. Everything she did was, like, fine-tooth combed. Her make up had to be just right, every hair had to be in 

                  Place, what she wore had to be perfect. It drove me crazy, to tell the truth. I got burned out on the whole thing, with with

                  So many people hanging around, so many people coming up to her. It was almost like having to compete for attention, and I 

                  wasn't into that." But shortly before she disappeared, Adams says Tami began confiding in him, telling him that someone was 

                  trying to kill her. He says the fear was real. "I knew it wasn't drugs. I can say for sure that Tami wasn't into drugs. She 

                  didn't even drink. "Finally, on Tuesday evening July 5, 1983. Tami told Adams she had "seen something she shouldn't have 

                  seen" she didn't get a specific. They went to pray at Rockville Evangel Temple. "Tami cried as hard as I've seen anyone cry 

                  before" Adams says he dropped her off in front of her house around 11 that night . They made planned to go back to church 

                  Wednesday afternoon."AND Then." Adams says "she looked at me and said. I just want you to know that I may have to go away for

                  a while. But I also want you to know that I love you."

                  Then they hugged each other, and held the embrace for as long as it took.

                  Rick Adams never got a chance to ask her what she meant. He called late the next morning to reconfirm their date.

                  She was already gone.

                  Wing Flanagan- aka “White Chocolate” (Haha)

                  Linda described Wing Flanagan as her adopted son numerous times. I didn't go much into researching him. Seemed to be a pretty bright kid back in the day though. I had an interesting non interaction with the guy tho. I sent him a message a few years ago regarding Tammy's case on Facebook. He saw my message and promptly deleted his Facebook page. Whether it had anything to do with my message is anyone's guess. He does have a YouTube Channel tho.

                  Tim Rue
                  Above: Older Pic-Notice the poster in the back
                  Below: Somewhat newer pic

                  UPDATE: All I'm gonna say is Tim Rue is FRIED. He tried trolling me. Ended up getting mad and blocking me. Guys one of those old fashioned retards.

                  *There is a person who uses/used the screen name Timothy Rue (and other screen names that are similar) who insists Tammy is alive and that he even grew up with her. He also states he saw her after the time she was reported missing. He usually babbles and speaks in riddles. I have read that Suzanne has confirmed that Timothy Rue was around at the time Tammy disappeared. But has disagreed with a lot of what he says.


                  Interesting to note that Tim Rue (according to Suzanne) has spoken to the police regarding Tammy's case.

                  KEITH ROBERTS-

                  FAIRLY RECENT PIC

                  Keith Roberts was the last known person to see Tammy. Interestingly, LE does NOT consider him to be a suspect. Here are some quick facts about Keith Roberts.

                  *Roberts says he dropped Tammy off at around 1pm standing in the parking lot outside Glass Bank.

                  *Roberts had worked at a bank and as a car salesman in Lakeland, Florida. (At the time and the subsequent years following Tammy's disappearance.)

                  *According to then detective Jim Scragg- His phone conversations with Roberts were "short and non specific".

                  *Roberts broke two appointments to come to the station for a face to face interview. "That concerned me greatly," Scragg says, adding, "Roberts was never properly interrogated."

                  *According to then detective Jim Scragg- Roberts had "no criminal history, no nothing."

                  Police immediately ruled Roberts out as a suspect.

                  * This is an excerpt from a Florida Today article entitled "have you seen Tami-Lynn?"

                  Today, Roberts answers the telephone at a residential number on the original police report. 

                  Roberts, a 30-year-old Melbourne car salesman, says he met Leppert in one of Curtis' acting classes around 1980. He says the Tami he remembers suffered a "drastic" and "weird" character change in the months before her disappearance. He says that she told him she was unhappy at home and that she wanted to leave. 

                  "everything seemed to be falling in on her at the time," Roberts says, "and she was acting real paranoid. She said that her mom had put her in a hospital against her will and that (Tami) was sleeping with a knife under her pillow - stuff like that. I don't know what happened to her. All I know is that there was this explosion, and she really freaked out." 

                  Roberts says Leppert called him in Lakeland, where he worked in a bank, and asked him to drive over and pick her up. He says she also asked him to lend her some money. 

                  "i didn't even have to get out of the car, she was waiting for me," Roberts says. "All i know is she wanted out." 

                  Roberts says that he gave Leppert $300 and that she wanted him to drop her off with friends in Fort Lauderdale. Roberts says he didn't have time for that, suggesting instead that he take her home. 

                  "at that point she said,'let me out. Let me out! Stop, stop! So i just said ok, whatever you want," he says. "and that's the last i saw of her." 

                  Roberts says that he cooperated fully with the police investigation and that he was never scheduled for an appointment at the cocoa beach police station. After initially agreeing to appear on "unsolved mysteries," Roberts backed out when he understood the proposed line of questioning. 

                  "they were asking me questions like, 'did i think Linda had anything to do with Tami's disappearance.' " Roberts says, "so i told them i wasn't gonna go on a show and start slinging mud on her mother. I told them everything i knew on the phone and that wasn't good enough."

                  Nearly 3 Months After This Article She'd Be Gone

                  Florida Today- 2/16/1992

                  Walter Lebowitz- At the time Lebowitz was the family's attorney. And one shady bastard too.

                   Peter Brownlee Mills

                  Peter is mentioned on the police report as a "good friend of the family". Peter was an interesting fellow.

                  FRANK WOLFE


                   Frank M. Wolfe

                  Cocoa Beach, FL

                  Frank M. Wolfe was born in Hartford, CT November 24, 1931. He completed his high school education in Hartford and enlisted in the Coast Guard serving three years in Korean Theater. He graduated from Rollins College, Winter Park, FL on June 6, 1958, with a degree in Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration and psychology. He then attended Stetson University College of Law, St. Petersburg, FL and earned his Juris Doctor degree on January 28, 1961.

                  Before moving to Cocoa Beach he was Special Assistant to the Attorney General of the State of Florida. He was a senior partner in Wolfe, Kirschenbaum & Taylor, which later became Wolfe, Kirschenbaum, Caruso, Mosley and Kabboord, a major law firm in Cocoa Beach, FL. He also served as City Attorney from 1963 to 1967. During those years, he served on the board of several banks in addition to being one of the founders and directors of the Merritt Square Bank, Merritt Island, FL.

                  From 1971 to 1981, he was CEO and Chairman of Leader International Inns, Inc., a large real estate company that owned and operated approximately 500 units in the Brevard County area.

                  He was past Chairman of Ron Jon Surf Shop, headquartered in Cocoa Beach, FL, a large retailer known throughout the world.

                  Mr. Wolfe was renowned for his architectural designing ability. He resided in the unique penthouse he built on top of the Glass Bank Building in Cocoa Beach, FL and he spent summer months in Maine where he designed and built a home on the Wells Reserve.

                  He was generous to a fault and gave of himself to so many over the years, far too numerous to count. He was a loyal friend and advocate of the underdog. He demanded excellence of himself and his internal code of ethics was unshakable. He was loved by many. He left an impact on many lives and will not soon be forgotten.

                  Died because he wanted to . . . Lived because he dared to.

                  Sign Frank's guestbook at

                  Published in FLORIDA TODAY on Feb. 8, 2014

                  If you have any information regarding this case please call the Cocoa Beach Police Department or Detective Christen Mcclure who is currently in charge of the investigation at

                  Cocoa Beach Police Department 

                  20 South Orlando Avenue

                  Cocoa Beach, Florida 32931




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