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The Vanishing of Megan Renee Foglesong


Name:Megan Renee Foglesong
DOB: 1/20/1994
Missing: Late Nov/Early Dec of 2015 (Her last activity on Facebook was 11/30/2015)
Missing From: Alden, Kansas (Megan was formerly of Oneida, Illinois)
Height: 5'4 Weight: 150lbs (Fluctuates between 150-170lbs)
Hair: Sandy Blonde (Does occasionally die her hair) 
Eyes: Green (Has glasses and contact lenses)
Tattoos: Infinity Sign on Right Chest, Flower on Left Hip, Dream Catcher on Left Calf, Heart on Left Wrist that reads "Thick Thin".
Scars: Long Scar on Right Thigh. (Received 19 stitches as a kid)
Piercings: Ears, Tongue, and Belly Button.

“The last time I talked to her was the day before Thanksgiving,” said Megan’s stepmother, Dawn Foglesong

* Megan was from Oneida, Illinois but moved to Alden, Kansas.
* Megan's Biological Mother Pam Lewis lives in Kansas.
* Megan's stepmom Dawn Foglesong and her biological father Todd have led the way in the search for their daughter.
* Was at the time in a relationship with David Madden who she met through her mother Pam.
* David Madden was once romantically involved with Megan's biological mom Pam.
* Megan was frequently physically and psychologically abused by David.
* David Madden once kidnapped Megan, Placed her in a straight jacket at gunpoint, and threatened to beat her.
* David and Megan had broken up several times due to her being abused.
* Was reported missing on 2/10/2016. Megan's lifestyle was the reason why there was a delay in reporting her missing. She was known to be spontaneous. But she never went extended lengths of time without contacting family or friends.
* November 30th she replied to a message a friend stating she was at her boyfriend's house again. (David Madden)
* On December 1st David Madden informed the local Sheriff that Megan had stolen from him and that they had got into an argument and she left.
* On December 7th a friend she had received help from during Thanksgiving received a text reply stating "I'm fine." The friend is not sure that the text was from Megan.
* Rice County Sheriff's Department was originally investigating the case. It has since been handed over to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.
* KBI have confirmed that they believe Megan Foglesong is the victim of foul play
* Police state that Megan's phone records are a dead end since she had a prepaid phone number. Apparently her prepaid carrier doesn't keep records after 10 days.
* One of Megan's friends Angie Montgomery stated she received a call from Megan requesting her to pick her up. And that Megan was walking along a rural road in the rain. The friend was unable to do so at the time.
* Police have searched a farm and the Arkansas River based on tips received.
* There has been insinuation that Megan's disappearance is also connected to another missing persons case. (Charles McHenry)
* Pam was interviewed briefly for The Vanished Podcast and one thing that is interesting is she kept referring to Megan in the past tense. Like she knew her daughter was dead.
* Pam stated she was informed that Megan left to go to Colorado with someone else. (With one of David's friends)
* Pam has stated that she doesn't believe that David had anything to do with Megan's disappearance. She believes that its one of David's friends.
* Its said that Megan's relationship with her mother Pam was competitive.
* Pam was known as a "Party Mom".
* Dawn was informed by two of Megan's friends that Megan informed them that if she ever came up missing David did it.
* Not long after Megan disappeared one of David's friends had committed suicide. There was speculation that he may have known something about her disappearance. Friend being Cody Wayne Bryant.
* David will not speak to Megan's Family or help with searching for her.
* There was an unconfirmed sighting around Christmas at Guy's Liquor in Larned, Kansas. (This tip according to authorities "Didn't pan out".)

Article Quoted

A report she was last seen on Christmas at a liquor store in Larned “didn’t pan out,” 

Though reported missing in November, the investigation took on more earnestness in February, Treaster said, “after we got information creating suspicion.” He declined to reveal more.

* On Feb 26th (2017) a search warrant was issued on David Madden's house. There has been no updates since the search.

                                         Megan and her mom Pam Lewis on the left.

David Madden(Piece Of Shit)

Barton County Sheriff’s Office Service Log (12/3)

At 5:06 p.m. at 464 SE 110 Avenue there was a report of David Madden kidnapping his ex-girlfriend Megan against her will and they are en route to Alden. Advised the subject has taken her before by gunpoint and placed her in a straight jacket and threatened and beat her

                                  304 Steinmetz St. Alden, Kansas

                                                        Courtesy: Dawn Foglesong

                                     Courtesy: Dawn Foglesong

                                                     The Vanished Podcast Preview


My Thoughts

He either did something. Or knows who did it. And Pam Lewis knows more than she lets on.

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Interesting Military Case involving David Madden


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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. This shows the level of stupidity we as Bloggers deal with on a daily basis. Tough guy comments on my post. Then chickens out and removes the post. Here is what he posted.

    Concerned kansan has left a new comment on your post "The Vanishing of Megan Renee Foglesong":

    You fuckers really need to grow up, labeling someone as a "piece of shit" is really fuckin mature. Until there is unsubstantiated proof of something then stop pointing fuckin fingers. I know Megan as well as David and I don't think he would ever in a million years do something like you are insinuating and the last time I saw Megan which was about 4 months before she went missing she was high as giraffe pussy on meth and told me she thought she might be pregnant and in the same breath she proceeded to snort another huge line of meth.

    Concerned kansan has left a new comment on your post "The Vanishing of Megan Renee Foglesong":

    She was hanging around a lot of bad people so any number of things could have happened involving any number of fucked up people. Last time I saw her she was doping it up with Brent Babcock so that tells you a lot....

    1. I love how he says "Until there is unsubstantiated proof" LOL

    2. I liked "High as Giraffe Pussy". Never heard that. Must be reminiscing about having sex with his farm animals again.

    3. I have heard alot of rumors about this case. Did they ever search Cheyenne Bottoms?? And then there is another place between ellinwood and lyons. Its a man made well called wild bills well or something like that. I have heard both those places mentioned numerous times. And out by that well there cow creek. Its not far from Alden. Please someone check those places.Doesnt hurt to look right. I cant believe the kbi and police just let this case go cold.

  3. Concerned Kansan is so IN-BRED He belongs in a sandwich. I love this part....
    "Until there is unsubstantiated proof of something then stop pointing fuckin fingers." Do you mean SUBSTANTIATED PROOF Cletus? Hey Kansan can you spell I-N-B-R-E-D?

  4. LOL OMG I almost spit out the pizza I'm chewing @ ..."so IN-BRED He belongs in a sandwich." That's a new one for me! Beside the UNSUBSTANTIATED proof he wants...there is him taking issue with your "insuating" he (DM) did such and such. Luckily, there's a teaching moment right here in the post itself! If you were INSINUATING, it would be based on UNSTUBSTANTIATED rumor and such, but you are relaying info from his own history with the police and their DOCUMENTED or SUBSTANTIATED history of the his activities. See how that works? Stick to the little words. Maybe sign up for one of those word of the day apps to learn what the big words actually mean. Or read more. Reading is a great way to increase ones vocabulary - with understanding the word, not just tossing it out there. Not to mention that *unsubstantiated proof* is an oxymoron, and as such, a blaring indicator that your sentence is fucked up, but that's a lesson for another day. ;)

    I am not an expert on what qualigfies someone as an piece of shit, but I know one when I see one...haha. My unsubstantiated thought is evading police and kidnapping are on the list of criteria.

    1. Thank you for the comment and reading my post. Yeah, After reading that comment I can see why he didn't have the sack to post something as nonsensical as that. After I read it I felt like a mosquito at a nudist colony. WHERE DO I BEGIN!? Didn't wanna tax his already limited mind. So I only chose a sentence fragment that he kindly provided. What can I say, The guy or gal is as sharp as a marble. I like your wit ;) Thanks again

    2. I'm just now seeing this. Thanks for complimenting my wit. And to think, I hate writing. I think it's because I set the bar way too high - in all areas, wit, grammar, usage, etc. Or my grad school profs did... :/

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Your opinions regarding people who live a certain way is just that. Your opinion. But you shouldn't diminish a victim regardless of what they do in their personal lives. People make mistakes. People don't deserve to go missing as a result of their mistakes. It doesn't matter to me whether you think its a good case or not.

    2. I'm not certain who you're calling scum, but either you don't know Megan and are just making assumptions, or you know something and should be coming forward with your information. She is not a loser. Had a very bright future ahead of her until good old Kansas swallowed her up. Shame on you for downgrading any victim. That's the true meaning of scum. Megan is my daughter and I'll fight tooth and nail for her, without hiding behind a screen and a fake name.

    3. I listened to The Vanished Podcast about Meagan today. It hits close to home with the relationship. I do believe David had something to do with it and Pam is not innocent she knows something. I get so angry when I think about the situation. I pray you will find the answers you need. I will be sure to bring awareness to her situation as often as humanly possible. God Bless

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I think David and Pam are responsible for Megans murder. Thanks writing the blogg.

  8. Poor Megan. I was just looking at her Facebook page and all the pictures and she's always looking goofy, making faces, clowning around. She was a very attractive woman but even if she hadn't been, her smile and that sunny playful attitude displayed in the pictures would have made her beautiful.

    She made some mistakes, chiefly getting involved with a shitheel, but she didn't deserve whatever it was that happened to her.

    1. No she doesn't. Madden is a piece of shit. He knows what happened.

  9. Your blog sucks Your a loudmouthed bitch Doubt you are even from Kansas You know nothing Please kill yourself

  10. Replies
    1. Gonna roll over and tell your mom what you just said

    2. Wait....Youre gonna roll over and do the same? You put it to your own mom? I knew it! Youre just as inbred as David!

    3. You piece if shit You better hope I never find you

    4. You wont. Cuz I wont be putting to your mom anymore. If you hit it before I did we have a problem.

    5. What are you gonna do? You cant do shit. You're the loudmouth. Loudmouthed Inbred. If I ever visit Kansas Asshole. Ill let you know and reply to your message here. I doubt you are man enough bitch.

    6. You do that. Promis me you will do that

    7. First thing Ill do is search all the trailer parks. But it'll be like searching for a needle in a haystack. All Ill see is white trash.


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