Big Shout Out to Ed Dentzel and his UnFound Podcast

I want to personally thank Ed Dentzel and his UnFound Podcast for allowing me to tell Tammy Lynn Leppert's story. His most recent podcast regarding Tammy's case can be listened to here

Dangers of Diversion

I want to emphasize that Ed's Podcast UNFOUND is the BEST Podcast regarding Missing Persons there is. It has no equal. And I want to thank him for trusting me to present Tammy's case in an objective fashion. As well as I want to personally thank Tammy's Sisters who I have spoke with at lengths regarding their sisters case. I did message both on Facebook Messenger prior to being interviewed. And I didn't get a response back from Suzanne. And Debbie didn't have a good time. So we went ahead with what I have blogged about regarding the case. I owe alot especially to Suzanne for the amount of research she has put forth regarding her sisters case. I have added Ed's Podcast and FB Discussion Group to my links. And encourage you to listen to UnFound and even to join his group. Also Ed's Tammy Episode has some updates on the case I have yet to have the time to blog about. So those interested in Tammy's case will want to listen to it.

Unsolved Appalachia

Unsolved Appalachia
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