UPDATE: Quick Entry #6: Where is the Rose Lady?


I have made some progress on the case of Alyne Barrick (Part One) I was provided some information from another blogger of which I followed up on via some official channels. And it paid off. I have the NAME of the Person of Interest Police questioned regarding Ms. Barrick's disappearance. He was the "HANDY MAN" described. And likely the "YOUNGER PERSON" she had been involved with at the time. Apparently he lived along Laurel Ridge Rd as well. He also had a wife and family living with him. The guy is a real sack of shit. Apparently he is out of prison as well. So if he has a problem with anything I say about his worthless ass.....


Some FACTS about this Sack Of Dog Shit

  • He's been ruled as sexually violent.
  • He has a long history of violence against women.
  • In 1987 He was convicted in Quebec by a Civilian Court of raping a woman he met in a bar. He was serving in the Navy at the time. He received a Bad Conduct Discharge as a result. 
  • Within 3 Months of his discharge he attacked and threatened to rape a woman in Kentucky.
  • Within hours of that attack he coerced his way into another woman's home and sexually assaulted her. 
  • As a result of both attacks he was convicted of several charges including Rape, Attempted Sodomy, Burglary, and Unlawful Imprisonment in 1989.
  • He was sentenced 10 Years in the Department Kentucky of Corrections.
  • Apparently he was released in 1994. Less than 2 years after his release he was convicted of assaulting a woman in Chicago. He was convicted to 29 years as a result of that attack. 
  • He has since been released again.
Birth Info

Marriage Info

Arrest Info

The Courier-Journal 2/27/1988
The Courier-Journal 6/16/1989

Illinois Attorney General Press Release on Childress
Leagle- Hilliard vs. Childress
Prison Legal News Article

I will continue to keep everyone posted. I will be continuing to follow up on info regarding this case.


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