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The Murder Of Missy Bevers

Note: I'm still knee deep in 2 other cases at the moment. This was my getaway entry. I let loose a little with my thoughts and had a little much needed fun with my opinions here. Also I wasn't able to put the amount of research I normally do into this case. 

                     THE MURDER OF MISSY BEVERS
                                          Terri Leann "Missy" Bevers

* Born- 8/9/1970 Graham, TX 
* Married with 3 Children. (Married to Brandon Bevers. (1998) Daughters: Sarah, Allie, and Hannah)
* Parents- James Clinton Strickland and Norma Strickland
* Siblings- Clifford Strickland and Clint Strickland
* Studied to be a fitness instructor at the International Sports Sciences Association.
* She was the leader of Camp Gladiator Midlothian, A Boot Camp Style Fitness Class.
* Murdered- 4/18/2016 Midlothian, TX at Creekside Church of Christ she was 45 years old. She was found dead by her Camp Gladiator Fitness Class which was scheduled to begin at 5am. The class was scheduled…

The Mind Boggling Murder of Dorothy Jane Scott

“To me, she exemplified the word, give. She’d just give and give and give, no matter what it cost her … she spent her last hours giving and being concerned about others.”  
Dorothy's Brother Jim at Dorothy's Funeral Service
* Dorothy Jane Scott * Date Of Birth-4/23/1948 * Son-Shanti Jacob Scott (Father being Dennis Terry of Fairgrove, MO) * Parents-Vera and Jacob Scott * Last Seen-Parking Lot of UCI Medical Center on 5/28/1980      around 11:30 pm.
* Killed- Most likely the night she disappeared. Or early            morning hours of the 29th. * Body Discovered- 8-6-1984

* Cause of Death- Undetermined
Dorothy Jane Scott was a 32 year old single mother living with her 4 year old son and Aunt in Stanton, California. She was described by friends and family as a kindhearted compassionate person. She was also described as religious and quiet. One friend described her as "Dull as a phone book" (Really?)  She is reported to have no interest in dating. She worked as a secretary at Swin…