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UPDATE: Dorothy Jane Scott

I've recently been in contact with Shawn Scott, Dorothy's son. He added some interesting things to my investigation of his mother's cold case. First off I was able to obtain a few pictures of Dorothy that he sent me. I wanted to see more than just the grainy newspaper pic we all have seen a thousand times. 

Also, Swinger's Psych Shop was a store that was previously owned by Dorothy's Father Jacob Scott. John Kycola purchased that store having already owned Custom John's Shop in Anaheim.

 Apparently there was a suspect that Shawn became aware of through several of Dorothy's friends who lived in Missouri. The suspects name was MIKE BUTLER. Apparently, Butler was an unstable individual who lived in the Santiago Mountains and was involved in cult activity. Which makes me think the dead dog that was discovered with her remains makes all the more sense now. Apparently he was obsessed with Dorothy. (Sound like our caller anyone?) His sister worked with Dorothy at Sw…
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Teresa Lawyer-Wisner

Not a lot about this case online. This post will likely be the most detailed on the case you will find.

                                                    (Literally the only picture I can find!)

Teresa Lawyer WisnerCase Number: I90E1013 (Madison County Sheriffs Department) Reported: 10/2/91
Last Seen: 5/24/1990 Walking along Indiana State Rd. 37. Around 10:30 pm. Prior to that she was last seen at Roxie's Airport Inn in Elwood, Indiana.
Height: 5'1
Weight: 130lbs
Hair: Reddish Blonde/Brown
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Last seen wearing a White and Gray Sweatsuit. Gold Purse with Gold Trim. Gold Chain with a Diamond Pendant. 
Spouse: Married James L. Wisner on 10/12/85. By all accounts it was a rocky relationship. They did have a 2 year old son at the time she disappeared. She was in the process of seeking a divorce and had an appointment with an attorney the following morning. (Interesting huh?)
Son: At the time she had a 2 year old son named Jimmy. James L. Wisner being the father. 
Parents: …

The Murder of: Kelsie Jean Schelling

NOTE: I would like to point out that I use the term "Suspect" in this entry a little freely. I do not believe that LE has labeled either Donthe Lucas or his mom Sara Lucas as suspects. However in my eyes they clearly are. Also I titled this entry The Murder of Kelsie Jean Schelling. When there is no evidence so far that a murder happened. But in my opinion one clearly did.

"We believe that she was killed," said Pueblo Police Captain Eric Bravo, the detective in charge of Kelsie Schelling's case
"We know he's the last person that was with her, last person to see her alive, the last person to talk to her," said Pueblo Police Capt. Eric Bravo. "I believe he did kill Kelsie."

HelpFindKelsie FACEBOOK 

Charley Project Page


Laura Saxton (Facebook)

Kelsie Jean Schelling-
DOB- 2/18/1991 (21 Years Old at time of disappearance)
5'2-5'4 120lbs
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Race: Caucasian

The Vanishing of Megan Renee Foglesong

Name:Megan Renee Foglesong
DOB: 1/20/1994
Missing: Late Nov/Early Dec of 2015 (Her last activity on Facebook was 11/30/2015)
Missing From: Alden, Kansas (Megan was formerly of Oneida, Illinois)
Height: 5'4 Weight: 150lbs (Fluctuates between 150-170lbs)
Hair: Sandy Blonde (Does occasionally die her hair) 
Eyes: Green (Has glasses and contact lenses)
Tattoos: Infinity Sign on Right Chest, Flower on Left Hip, Dream Catcher on Left Calf, Heart on Left Wrist that reads "Thick Thin".
Scars: Long Scar on Right Thigh. (Received 19 stitches as a kid)
Piercings: Ears, Tongue, and Belly Button.

“The last time I talked to her was the day before Thanksgiving,” said Megan’s stepmother, Dawn Foglesong

* Megan was from Oneida, Illinois but moved to Alden, Kansas.
* Megan's Biological Mother Pam Lewis lives in Kansas.
* Megan's stepmom Dawn Foglesong and her biological father Todd have led the way in the search for their daughter.
* Was at the time in a relationship with David Madden wh…

The Strange Disappearance of Anthonette Christine Cayedito

The Strange Disappearance of Anthonette Christine Cayedito
National Crime Information Center Case Number: M-550277143 National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Case Number: NCMC600709
Gallup Police Department 505-863-9365 Case Number 0000-86
New Mexico Department of Public Safety Missing Person Hotline 1-800-457-3463

                              Missing since April 6, 1986 from Gallup, McKinley County, New Mexico

General Information:Anthonette Christine Cayedito Date of Birth: 12/25/1976 Date of Disappearance: 4/6/1986  Address at Time of Disappearance-204 Arnold Circle #9, Gallup, NM 87301, Between 3am and 7am. 9 Years Old at Time of Disappearance Height & Weight at Time of Disappearance- 4'7, 55 lbs  White/Hispanic/Native American/Italian Descent, Female with Brown Hair and Brown Eyes Was wearing a knee length pink nightgown when she disappeared Moles on her right cheek, nose, ankle, and back. Scars on her knee and lip. Parents were  Theresa "Penny" Cayedito and Larry E…