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Missing Angel: Alicia Navarro


Update 1/11/2019

A Mother's Pain

Alicia's mom contacted me regarding her daughter. I have been bombarded with cases these last few months. I have some that I've needed to work for over a year. But I couldn't tell Jessica no. I just wanna say this ahead of time. Whoever has this little girl. Let her come home. She needs her family. You don't need her. If you're a pervert. Get help. Let her come home. I know she was talking to someone the previous night. She was laughing and having a good time. She said in her note she was coming back. And this is something she had planned. I know this for a fact. She would not intentionally worry her mom. She would call. She took her phone and her laptop. But she didn't take her chargers. She took one other thing of interest as well. So I know you're a pervert. It's only a matter of time before you get caught. This mom is in agony. Her family and friends are in agony. They don't deserve this. Nei…

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