What Happened To Michael Jefferson Adams? Part One

I want to personally thank and give credit to Andrea from the Wherabouts Still Unknown blog and Lesley from the Unsolved Appalachia blog. They assisted me with this case.

What Happened To Michael Adams?

"In the beginning, you go into a kind of a panic," he recalled. "You don't know what happened. But you know your son didn't just take off. You know that's not something he would just do."

  Howard Adams

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Kim Wilde

Abilene Police Department 

Case #: 87-005588
Abilene Crime Stoppers 

Texas Department of Public Safety 

"There is not a day that goes by that his son does not cross his mind several times" 

Howard Adams 

   Above: Yearbook Photo 1987

 Missing Reward Episode

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Picture Below Courtesy of Charley Project

Photo Below: Courtesy of Abilene Crime Stoppers
Michael's Father: Still searching, Still hurting

Personal Information:

Name: Michael Jefferson Adams (Went by Mike)

Missing: 6/8/87
Missing From: Abilene, Texas
Born: 3/28/1969
Race and Gender: Caucasian Male
Parents: Howard Lee Adams, Barbara Jean Adams (Stepmom) (Stepmom deceased) Michael's natural mother was Georgia Lee Hrazdil-Adams who died when Michael was 7.
Height and Weight: Around 6'1, Around 150 lbs 
Hair and Eyes: Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes (Did wear contacts)
Wearing: White Long Sleeve Dress Shirt, Black Pants, Socks & Shoes
Residence: 1250 Peach St. Abilene, Texas
Employed: M Systems Store on Mockingbird Lane and N. 12th St. (Store No Longer There)
Hobbies: Marching Band, Piano, Art, and Architecture

Birth Record: For no reason other than to be as accurate as possible.

M-System Store:
                                                                    1250 Peach St.
                                                          Michael's residence in 1987


"Course, we just thought that he was just a friend, so my step daughter went back to sleep and that was the last time anybody ever seen him...he just vanished into the night, " said Howard Adams.

Michael was last seen by his stepsister (Beverly Adams) out her bedroom window at around 11:30 pm on the 8th of June 1987. He had closed the M System Store he had worked at that night and drove home. He had pulled into the driveway awaking Beverly from her sleep. He was standing next to a car in that was parked on their street. He seemed to be talking to whoever was in that car. The car was described as an older model GM with opera style windows and a malfunctioning headlight that flickered. There is speculation that the light flickering could have been a signal that Mike had arrived home as well. Police believe there to be one person in the car. Although some tips have indicated possibly 2 people. The car was possibly brown or gray in color. His car (Red Datsun 280EX) was parked in the driveway. Beverly didn't think anything of this. And assumed that he was talking to a friend or friends. Michael did not appear apprehensive while beside the unknown car.  Beverly didn't see anything to make her think Michael was in danger and went back to sleep.  There were at least 2 people Michael knew that owned that type of car. One being a Former Friend and Classmate. The other a M System Employee (Chito). Chito passed his polygraph. A polygraph was not administered to the owner of the other car. The next morning Michael's stepmother woke up to leave for work. She noticed Michael's car behind hers and blocking her path out of the driveway. Michael always arranged the cars ahead of time to prevent this. She then went inside to find Michael not inside the house. His wallet and money were. Mike had no money on him at the time he disappeared. Nothing was missing from the wallet. The reason for the wallet being at the residence was that Michael came back home earlier that day to change clothes. He was wearing Khaki pants instead of Black pants. He changed into his Black pants and left for work. Michael had numerous run ins with his Manager Steve Turner as well as with numerous people employed at the M System Store. A few felt they were looked over for promotion for the younger Mike. A few days prior to his disappearance Mike caught someone stealing in the backroom. The next day he informed his Manager (Steve) of what was witnessed and was reprimanded for it. He was told he was suppose to be up front. And not to go in the backroom.  The person who was stealing had to have been let in by someone who was working in the back or had a key to the back door. (Or both)  Michael had prepared to send a letter into corporate regarding his issues with Management and Steve in particular. But had decided against it. A number of polygraphs were given during the months after his disappearance. All were passes with the exception of an "Inconclusive" which can also be considered a "fail". That test was given to John Boles. A co-worker. This Co-Worker once told Michael that if he ever needed someone to disappear "All he'd have to do is make a phone call." According to my sources Boles failed 2 polygraphs due to being uncooperative. (Intentionally) All other polygraphs given to Friends, Family, Co-Workers, and Acquaintances were all considered a "Pass". None of Michael's family have seen him since Beverly saw him through her bedroom window on the night of the 8th of June 1987. Some tips came in later suggesting that Michael was assaulted and killed at the Lake Fort Phantom area but they were not substantiated. When I asked sources close to the case about this I was informed that a rumor had it that Michael had broken another guy's arm several months prior to him disappearing. It was rumored that Michael was shot and killed at the Lake Fort Phantom area. And it was a result of a situation that got out of hand. However, LE investigated this claim. And nothing ever came of this. Other tips suggested Michael was visiting a house nearby for a short time around the 16th St. vicinity. And others stated he was going for a short drive around with the driver and possible occupants of the car. Michael's Store Keys were never recovered after his disappearance. Michael was legally declared dead in 1994.

 Note: Lake Fort Phantom is the largest body of 
water near Abilene.

Another Style of Opera Windows

List Of Cars That Match Description

"You come to the reality that he's probably not going to return," his father said. "You know that he's probably dead, but you hate to admit that to yourself."

Sipriano "Chito" Alardin



    Court Records
    I would like to point out that Chito DID pass his polygraph test according to my sources. Also, Nothing in Chito's past that I've been able to uncover shows him to be a violent person either. I was gung ho and ready to go after this guy upon starting this case. But something doesn't fit. Why would he go on Missing Reward if he were guilty of something? Why submit to to a polygraph? Only to pass it.  It should be noted that Chito did drive a car matching the description described by Beverly. He drove a Monte Carlo. But, In the Missing Reward episode posted above LE stated a suspicious car was reported in the area the night that Michael Adams disappeared. Nothing real specific regarding the tips. But it had to be around a good amount of time to be noticed. And Chito got off work the same time Michael did. With Michael leaving work and going straight home, That's not a lot of time for a car to be labeled suspicious.

Steve Turner: Mike's Supervisor

Steven Steward Turner

Turner's Facebook

Michael and Steve had some clashes. Michael accused Steve of creating a low morale at the store. As well as humiliating him at times. He wanted to send a letter into corporate about this. But decided against it. According to my sources, Steve said that Michael was a good worker and he had no complaints. Also, I've read that Michael was suppose to only work until 2 pm that day and was informed that he would have to close instead. However, I was told that Michael usually closed the store anyways. And if you watch the Missing Reward Episode I posted. That actually fits with what is said. Michael went to get Chito one night before he closed the store regarding a parking lot incident. And Anita Wilburn stated Michael took a bat with him through the parking lot after they closed the store one night. The only thing that somewhat bothers me about Steve is that Michael's file was empty when it was requested. This made it seem as if there was something to hide. However, Having been in Retail Management as well as in Retail HR. I know a lot of managers aren't paperwork people. And are often neglectful in that area. Nothing that I have been able to dig up on Steve shows him to be a violent individual. 

Abel Gonzales: "Co-Worker"

Abel Gonzales was rumored to have been in the parking lot of the M-System store the night that Michael closed. According to my sources it was said he DID work at the store at one point. And then it changed to where he didn't work there. I have no confirmation as to whether he did or not. One telling of the story that night was Michael drove out of the parking lot "sandwiched" between both Abel and Chito.

Via the now defunct FindMikeAdams.com Website:

 A Private Investigator was hired in 96 to check into leads regarding Michael's case. Just days before he was to speak with Abel he would be killed in a rafting incident. Coincidence or "Convenient"?

    Its a short article on the accident. Nothing really stands out. Was there a body recovered?

    Taylor County Court Records (Texas)

    Interesting a man dies in 96....Yet gets a DUI in 2007. Unless it another Abel Gonzales with the exact same birth date who happened to BOTH have been in Abilene TX at some point in their lives. Or this is a case of stolen identity.

More Info on Abel:

John Allen Boles: Co-Worker

Date Of Birth: 7/28/68

     John Allen Boles was a co-worker of Michael. According to my sources he failed 2 polygraphs intentionally. Yes, Intentionally. Apparently during both polygraphs he became uncooperative intentionally and twice failed as a result or received an "inconclusive". He once told Michael that if he ever wanted to make someone disappear
"All I'd have to do is make a phone call." At times Boles claims he doesn't even remember Michael Adams. Several years ago LE stated they were looking for John Boles. Well, Hopefully they read my blog. According to my information he is in Baird, Texas. I did call Abilene PD and left a message. Got no return call. It should be noted that his car did not match the description given by Beverly.

Courtesy of the now Defunct FindMikeAdams.com website

     His court records speak for themselves. Although only one violent offense it was against a child.

    Birth Record

Taylor County Court Records (Texas)
                                                      Duval County Court Records (Florida)

"There's been nothing concrete, nothing that would be enough to present for any type of criminal investigation" 

 Det. Tony Golson

"Michael had everything going for him. He was a talented artist, and dreamed of being an architect. He wanted nothing more than to move on from Abilene, and take his first steps into the world as his own man. He was just three weeks away from leaving for college," "Michael knew exactly where he was going and how important his education was in getting him there. He was well liked, funny and charming. He had a big, bright smile that was contagious, and [he] was incredibly easy going."

 Michael's friend & Former Classmate

This is a guest columnist post from Howard Adams. Michael Adams father. I copied and pasted this by way of the Wayback Machine. Link is here

What happened to Michael Adams?

By Howard Adams

Michael Adams had just graduated from Cooper High School and had made plans to attend college in Lubbock at Texas Tech University.
But something happened on June 8, 1987, that prevented Michael from fulfilling his dreams and ambitions of becoming an architect, from becoming a husband and father with a loving wife and children.
Michael never had the opportunity because on June 8, 1987, Michael disappeared and has not been seen or heard from since.
Michael had a job at M System Food Store, which was located at North 12th Street and Mockingbird Lane. Michael worked the closing shift, three nights a week, at the store. It was a Monday night, so it was Michael's responsibility to, along with his other closing duties: close out the cash registers, set the burglar alarms and lock the front door. Michael left the store around 11:15 p.m.
At approximately 11:30 p.m., Mike's stepsister Beverly saw him pull into the driveway at his home on Peach Street and walk toward a second vehicle that had pulled up in front of the house.
Beverly saw Mike talking to the driver of the vehicle as if he knew them, so she went to bed. The next morning Mike's car, a 280ZX, was in the driveway in the same place that he had parked it the night before, but Michael was nowhere to be found.
Where did Mike go? Who took Mike? What happened to Mike?
These questions and more have haunted our family and friends for years.
Numerous rumors and leads have been given to us and the Abilene Police Department over the years, but the information has led to practically nothing ... until now.
I have a few words for the people who know what happened to Michael on the night of June 8, 1987, which is this.
Go to the authorities and tell them your story. We know that what took place could have been a prank that turned sour, but it's time to put closure to this nightmare that started over 21 years ago.
As a reminder to everyone else who is knowledgeable of what happened, you need to clear your names also.
Please don't wait any longer. It's time.
We will never quit. We will never give up.
Howard Adams is the father of Michael Adams.



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