Guest Post By Lesley from Unsolved Appalachia: Natasha Alexandra Augusta Carter

I have the privilege and honor of introducing Lesley from the Unsolved Appalachia blog for this Guest Entry. Her blog is one of the best out there. And I encourage everyone to check it out. She is also an example of the kind of diligent work that needs to be done in this field.


Natasha Alexandra Augusta Carter (Alex) was 10 years old when her non-custodial mother, Susan Gail Carter allegedly abducted her from Beckley, Wv on August 8, 2000. On November 13th of that year a felony arrest warrant was issued against Susan for the kidnapping of her daughter.
There had been a contentious custody battle between Susan, and Alex's father Ricky Lafferty. According to Alex's grandmother, she was afraid of her mother and didn't want to live with her. The last time Ricky spoke with Susan, she told him that he would never see his daughter again…
It's believed that Susan fled the state with Alex, and there could possibly be an unnamed male in their company. She could be using the alias of Susan Gail Webb or Susan Gail Carter Webb, and has more than likely altered her appearance in some way.
Susan has never been reported missing by her family, or the man she was married to at the time that she disappeared, which leads me to believe that they knew something about her plan to kidnap Alex. Otherwise, you would think they would want to find both of them.

Susan Gail Carter (Webb) Photo from the Help Find Natasha Alexander Augusta Carter - Alex Facebook page

At this time, Alex has been missing for nearly eighteen years. In this day and age of technology and cameras at everyone's fingertips, you would think someone would have seen something. Especially Alex, she would be nearly 29 years old now. Wouldn't she have taken to social media at some point and out of curiosity look for her father?
Maybe Susan told her that Ricky died, or maybe due to her young age at the time of her kidnapping Susan was able to brainwash her over the years. Who's to say that she even remembers that her name is Natasha, we simply don't know what type of mental abuse and manipulation she could have been a victim of.
Age progressed picture of what Alex may look like today.

Her father is still searching for her, never giving up hope that her mother wouldn't stoop to the level of taking Alex's life. I truly do hope that she is alive out there somewhere.
If you think you may know or have seen Natasha Alexandra Augusta Carter or Susan Gail Carter Webb, please contact the Pineville Police Department at 304-732-8000 or the West Virginia State Police at 304-746-2100.
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