Quick Entry #13: Missing Marine: Donald Joseph Connell

Quick Entry #13: Missing Marine: Donald Joseph Connell

Personal Information

Date of Birth: 10/31/1958 (28 when he went missing)

Height & Weight: 6'0 & Around 165 lbs

Hair & Eyes: Both Brown

Parents: Donald S. Connell & Dolores P. Connell (Both Deceased)

Siblings: Anita Connell-Gifford, James T. Connell & Laurie Connell (Deceased)

Date Missing: December 2nd 1986 (Desi Arnaz dies of Lung Cancer this day)

Missing From: Newport. RI

Education: Graduate of Middletown High School (Rhode Island), Class of 1977

Newport Police Department: 401-847-1306

Case Number: 08-31602-OF

Namus: MP30939

Stand By Me-Ben E. King (1986)

Life and Disappearance

Donald Joseph Connell or “Donnie” was born on October 31st 1958. He is the son of a Former Marine and Real Estate Manager Donald S. Connell & his wife Delores Patricia Mello-Connell. Delores worked for the Rhode Island Unemployment Office for 18 Years before retiring in 2004. Interesting fact about Donnie's dad, He was one of only 300 Marines to actually land on Japan during World War 2. Donnie graduated from Middletown High School in 1977. He was a very athletic and strong young man. He was a gifted Basketball Player and was a Co-Captain of his team. Donnie's team was the underdog that in 1976 went on the win the Rhode Island State Basketball Title. I read his play was likened to that of one Pistol Pete Maravich. Donnie followed in his father's footsteps and joined the Marines after High School. On December 2nd 1986 Donnie left his parents house at 6 Record St on foot en route to his sister's house that was a street over. (Don't have that address) His sister was driving to her house during that time. When she arrived Donnie was not there. And no one has seen him since. Donnie was reported missing by his dad 10 days later on his sister's birthday. One would reason that Donnie's sister wasn't concerned and probably thought Donnie had changed his mind or something came up. That is likely why he was reported missing 10 days later. Donnie's disappearance didn't get a single newspaper article or anything. Literally nothing on this man's disappearance. Which is why I wrote this entry. I did reach out to Donnie's sister Anita on Facebook. But she probably hasn't seen the message yet. And I can't request her because I am in Facebook Jail for “bullying” a suspect involved in a Missing Persons case. Hopefully she reads this entry. Donnie isn't on the Doe Network yet and that's due to the United States Government being administratively inept in getting Anita Donnie's medical records. 

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I need more information on this disappearance before I even begin to try and give an analysis as to what I think may have happened. One thing is sure, No one is picking on this guy. Not by themselves and not without a weapon. I don't think he up and left. Doesn't seem to be a reason for him to do it. Although my knowledge of this case is limited. Hopefully his sister contacts me. 

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