Quick Entry # 14: Missing Army Veteran Thomas Phifer

Missing: Army Veteran Thomas Phifer

I did this case mainly because some websites leave this case open to interpretation. Not many databases have Tom in them. But the ones that do say something along the lines that Kay was also missing. So I started with her. I also did it because I have been on a Veteran kick lately. These guys really need not to be forgotten. Lionel Richie's "Hello" was Number One on the Billboards at the time. (Irony) What a Year for music.

Thomas Phifer

Date Of Birth: 
Height & Weight:
6'0 & 160 lbs
Hair & Eyes:
Brown Hair
Brown Eyes
Disk in back of Neck

Details of Disappearance

Note: I really couldn't find much on any either of these 2 people. I only tried a few hours though. Kay was divorced a little more than 2 years before this incident. And Tom Phifer attended Muskegon High School in 1971. He was a Sophomore at that time. He didn't attend the year prior or the year after. I tried finding some relatives on Facebook to see if I could get any more info on this incident. I saw some Phifers in the Muskogee area of Michigan. But I don't think they are direct relatives. As far as I ascertain, He was the son of a Barbara Jean Temple-Phifer and a Reverand Clardie Phifer. (Both deceased). There are some really easy questions I wish I had answers to. Like what his rank was and whether he was active or reserve.  

On May 18th 1984 Tom Phifer and Kay Francis Hollis left Denver, Colorado at around 6pm en route to Grand Junction. The trip would have probably taken a little over 5 and a half hours. They both left in a Green 1972 Ford Pinto with Colorado License Plate AGB319. Neither would arrive at their destination. On Sunday June 3rd, 1984 36 Year Old Kay Hollis' body was pulled from the Colorado River. She had apparently drowned. There was no signs of foul play. According to the Newspapers she was identified through fingerprints and there were no signs of trauma found during the autopsy. Tom as well as the car were unaccounted for. At the time Sheriff's Deputies were still attempting to figure out where the car might have went off the road. According to Sheriff's Investigator Mike Smith there was a good possibility the car along with Tom Phifer were still in the river. "We don't really know what happened." he is quoted as saying. 

The Daily Sentinel: 6/7/1984 (Grand Junction)


I think there is a good probability that whoever was driving may have fallen asleep at the wheel. Hence why the detective were having a hard time trying to figure out where the car actually went off the road. There were likely no skid marks. And whoever was driving didn't have an opportunity to react in time. If they left around 6pm. And it takes around 5 and a half hours to get to Grand Junction. (without stops) You're looking at arriving around midnight or later. Tom is prob still in the car in the river somewhere. I did look to see if any John Doe's matched him and they didn't. I also searched for news articles about finding bodies in the river after. And there was one not long after they found Kay. But the investigator stated in certain words it wasn't Tom. There were a few other pics of Tom I found but they were such low quality I didn't include them. I couldn't find one of Kay at all. I'm really surprised that dumbass David Paulides hasn't taken off with this case yet. It has his bullshit spin story written all over it. Just imagine him on Coast to Coast...

Paulides: "Well George they found one body.....There were no signs of trauma to the body at all.....And they were even able to fingerprint her after she was supposedly in the river for more than 2 weeks. So rigor mortis didn't even set in yet..... 

Noory: "OH MY! So David are you saying that it's possible that she may have been placed in the water at a later time?"

Paulides: "Well George, I have been asked that every time I discuss this case. And it's a good possibility. I mean the investigators couldn't even determine where the car went off the road. So I always ask myself, Did it even go off the road to begin with?"

Noory: "Are you saying David, Are you saying you think there is a possibility the car along with Tom aren't even in the river to begin with?"

Paulides: "Well they have never recovered either have they George? There were no signs of it ever going in the water. This might be something we can't even begin to comprehend. Do you know how many Bigfoot sightings there are in the State of Colorado on a yearly basis?"

Noory: "Hold that thought David, And we'll be back after a word from our sponsors."

Meanwhile I've slipped into a boredom induced coma listening to the dipshittery afoot on Coast to Coast. Alright until next time you all. Thanks for reading.


Additional Photos

Tom's 1971 Muskogee High School Sophomore Yearbook Picture

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