The Failure Of The System: Where Is Kaya Whitney Kazzee?

Meaghan from The Charley Project asked me to cover this case and introduced me to Kaya's sister Kristen. This case is mind blowing. I refuse to call Kaya by her "adopted name". So I refer to her as Kaya Kazzee.

Kaya Whitney Kazzee

The system in place to protect this precious angel failed her terribly.

Kaya Whitney Kazzee (Birth Name)
Kaya Marie Centeno (Adopted)
Date Of Birth:
5/23/2002 in Idaho
Hair & Eyes:
Both Brown
Height & Weight:
3'6 50 lbs (In 2002)
Last Seen: Rohnert Park, CA
Sometime between 2010 & 2012

Charley Project

Details of Case

Kaya Kazzee was born on May 23rd, 2002 in Idaho. In 2007 Kristen and Kaya, along with another sister and a brother were taken into CPS Custody. I don't have the specifics as to why this occurred. Only that it did. Kristen was 10 at the time, Kaya was 5, the other sister was 4, and their brother was 3. They were fostered by the same couple that would go on to adopt them. In 2008, Kaya along with their other sister and brother were adopted by a Jose and Gina Centeno who lived in Rohnert Park, California. I don't have much on the other kids. I do have their names but I want to keep them out of this entry for reasons of privacy. And it's the right thing to do. This couple had taken kids in before the adoption. Kristen was not included in the adoption. The couple only took in that were ages 10 and under. (Hmmmm Wonder why?) Kristen was promised that she could continue to see her siblings, Which "Surprise" turned out to be a lie. Contact between Kristen and her siblings was completely cut off. Kaya was enrolled at John Reed Elementary (2nd Grade, 2010 to 2011) for a brief period before being taken out and "homeschooled". One could deduce why this would occur. One might presume they wanted to prevent a possible leak of information. What am I referring to? Well, Kaya seemed to "disappear" soon after being removed from school. After that occurred the Centeno couple seemed to keep a tight lid on the household. The kids never came out of the house at all. During this period they endured physical and psychological abuse for more than 10 years. And to top it off, The couple left the kids with an extended family in Mexico. While they stayed in California. The children were there for the past year and a half. Eventually and thankfully Mexican authorities rescued the kids from the couple. The kids were finally able to tell the authorities that their sister had been missing for more than 10 years. They were all brought back to the United States and the couple was arrested and are now facing charges for aggravated kidnapping with more likely on the way. Law Enforcement obtained Search Warrants and was able to corroborate the kids' stories of the abuse they had endured during the time in question. The kids have been placed in a safe home in Sonoma County, California. The couple is now in jail with a bond set at a hefty $18 Million. Not only did the government fail this girl by not checking in after she was adopted. But they failed her before that as well. The biological father's brother initially wanted to adopt the kids and CPS said no. The biological father's sister ALSO wanted to. And she was also denied. Instead, they gave them to these two monsters.


Things like this make me sometimes not only ashamed to be an American. But ashamed to be a human. Everyday anyone can turn on a television and see someone excusing an idiots actions while making them, As well as themselves out to be a victim. People are rioting and looting all over the country for people's dumb actions. And let me make one thing clear. Protesting and Rioting are two different things. Anyone using 2 percent of their brains understands that. While all this is going on, This little girl who didn't do a damn thing to anyone got lost in all this. No one is rioting for her. No one is protesting for her. No one cares about her rights. Or the rights of her siblings. How about all of you ignorant people all over facebook and social media, All hyped up on the news cycle take a step back. Use that brain of yours. And see that there are REAL victims in the world EVERY DAY. None of you cared about any of this social justice until some idiot on the news started preaching their opinions to you. Where are you for Kaya? Where are you for Alicia Navarro? Where are you for Jennifer Lynn Fay? Where are the protests? Where is the outrage? Oh, that's right.... 5-year-olds don't watch the news. Nor do 6, 7 8, or 9-year-olds. Yeah, that's right. I guess the media can't get them all angry and have them riot anywhere. So they don't matter to them. I see how it is. Oh yeah, and you got idiots like this.....

This lady said this regarding the couple. Let's forget Law Enforcement found evidence to corroborate the stories the kids said. Let's forget that they kidnapped the kids and took them out of the country. Let's forget they were arrested on charges are pending. Let's forget they literally "lost" kid for almost a decade and didn't report it.

Anyways, How the hell is it that no one from the government, Not one single person ever checked in on this kid? Or her siblings? This is unconscionable.

Additional Photos

The Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety is asking for any information related to the whereabouts of Kaya Centeno or Kaya Kazzee. If you have seen Kaya or have any information, Please call the Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety at 707-584-2612.

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