Been in contact with his mother and aunt. Want to get this case some attention.


UPDATE: PARKER HAS BEEN FOUND SAFE IN CALIFORNIA! I have confirmed this via his mother. I'm very happy this young man has been found. 


Facebook: Reaching Parker
Parker's GoFundMe

Name: Parker James Sebastian Eastman
Born: Eastman Haluptzok, (Had it legally changed)
Date of Birth: 12/31/01
Age: 15
Missing From: Detroit Lakes, Minnesota 
Date Missing: 8/21/2017
Mom: Meghan Eastman
Age: 15
Height and Weight: Around 5'4 to 5'5 and weighing around 145lbs to 150lbs
Hair and Eyes: Brown/Hazel (Dimple on Left Cheek)
Detroit Lakes Police Department: 218-847-4222
Law Enforcement Case Number: 17-002271
Medical Conditions: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Was set to enter an inpatient mental health program when he ran away. Parker has a scar on his upper left calf just below his knee.

"I woke up Monday morning, and he was gone," she said. "His cell phone was in the toilet, and he was gone."

                                         Parker's Mom:Meghan Eastman

"We only have one door. When I woke up in the morning it was unlocked and he walked out"  


Eastman says she wants Parker "to know that he is safe to come home and that we miss him and we're not mad we just, want him back."

  1. Sometime during the night of August 21, 2017 Parker left his home.
  2. In January he told his school counselor that his Step Father had beaten him.
  3. Parker is said to have developed mental health issues as a result of this. He was placed in an inpatient mental health services program by the Counties Social Services.
  4. Parker's Stepfather Todd Louis Eastman was charged and convicted of Domestic Assault.(Gross Misdemeanor Malicious Punishment of a Child)
  5. A protective order was put in place to keep Todd away from Parker and the family.
  6. Parker decided to eventually go into an Alternative Learning Center instead of High School. He did this because he felt wouldn't be as judged by people who knew his story.
  7. Parker ended up getting into a fight with another kid.
  8. As a result he was given a drug test and failed it.
  9. As a result he ended up going into some chemical dependence facilities.
  10. He was young to be in those types of facilities. Most are 17-18 and are in there as an alternative to jail according to Meghan Eastman.
  11. Meghan wasn't given a choice or say in the matter since she didn't report the previous abuse. The County saw it as neglectful and her parental rights were weakened as a result.
  12. According to his mother, Parker wasn't working out at the Chemical Dependence Facilities and local Outpatient Programs. The next step was to put him in a Mental Health Facility. (Are you kidding me?) "That would have been eight to 12 months, and he did not want to go," she said. "He did not have mental health issues, he was not a threat to himself or to others—he has just went through something hard and didn't have the time to recover from that yet."
  13. Parker was moved from inpatient to outpatient during the spring and summer of 2017 by the County's Social Services.
  14. Parker was receiving family counseling when the case manager recommended an extended in patient program. Parker was upset about this.
  15. Parker wanted to stay in family counseling. Meghan told him she would find a way to keep him in family counseling. 
  16. The morning of an appointment they had with a lawyer to try an ensure he stay in family counseling Parker went missing.
  17. Prior to this Parker had never ran away before.
  18. Parker left his money at home, His outfit he was wearing in a laundry hamper, and his cell phone in the toilet.
  19. LE has gone through his most recently contacted numbers. Meghan believes he may have been using Snapchat. (Messages disappear once they are opened)
  20. Meghan has communicated with Parker's friends and a few stated he had expressed the idea of running away. Possibly to with a friend in Sartell, Minnesota. Friends have stated the friends name is "Jacob". LE has looked into this and nothing has came of this.
  21. Meghan has hired a Private Investigator. If you donate to the GoFundMe it covers the costs of hiring him.
  22. As of this month, Meghan has received a text saying "It's Parker". When she tried calling the number that texted her no one answered. She tried numerous times. She finally reached someone who texted her back. They stated that a boy asked to use their phone at a Tumwater Walmart. The person who replied stated that the boy "Seemed Ok".(Tumwater being Washington. The Number being from Olympia, Washington)(This is very likely bogus. I hope I'm wrong. If I'm not tho. The people who did this are low. LOW!)

"We love him, and we are not mad at him," said Eastman. "We just want to know that he's OK."

                                         Missing and Endangered
                                          Courtesy of CFSI Missing
                                         Courtesy of Missing People
                                         Courtesy of Kelsey Soderberg

"He's a really great kid who was on the basketball team and football team last year in Detroit Lakes, he's a really great brother to his younger siblings and he makes friends everywhere he goes."


Sure hope this young man is ok. Been through some horrible stuff. Have a gut feeling he is close and he is just scared. The damn government didn't do him any favors. Something bad happens to the kid and they treat him like he is a problem. Parker if you're reading this. Please contact your family. Let them know youre ok.

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