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Deborah Deann Poe
Date Of Birth: 8/3/1963 in Winchester, Virginia (Some sites incorrectly say 1964)
Date Of Disappearance: 2/4/1990 Orlando, Florida from a Circle K Convenience Store. (Between after 3:15 am & 4 am)
Height and Weight: Around 5'3, Around 105 lbs 
Eyes and Hair: Blue Green Eyes, Brown Hair (Streaked Blonde) (Naturally Curly Hair)
Distinguishing Characteristics: Burn Scar on Upper Left Arm, Ears are Pierced 3 Times on Each Ear. Had underwent experimental eye surgery to correct her vision.
Poe was likely wearing Ring(s) at the time of her abduction. One being a Half Carat Round Diamond with Diamond Chips in the Shape of a Leaf. Possibly wearing a Sapphire colored ring as well.
Goes by "Debbie"
Parents: Alvin and Nancy Poe (Both Deceased)
Siblings: Stephen Poe (Deceased)
Boyfriend: Scott T. Iaggi (At The Time)
Roommate: Lori Tillman (At The Time)

Orange County Sheriff's Office 407-836-3700 
Agency Case Number: 90030211
NCIC Number: M-405491538 

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''I started working the night shifts with her for the last month,'' Iaggi said. ''Then that one night I listened to her when she said, 'Honey, there's no need for both of us not to get sleep. I don't need you to be my protector all the time.' I could kick myself.''

Poe was working the graveyard shift at a Circle K convenience store located near Aloma Ave. and Hall Rd. in Orlando, Florida. (Which looks to be a Citgo now) She was working the night shift alone. At the time Poe was working two full time jobs. Her other job was for the Orlando Sentinel. (Worked in the Retail Sales Department) Once she was hired by The Sentinel family members as well as her boyfriend Scott Iaggi urged her to quit the Circle K job. But Deborah refused. She was saving her money in an effort to hopefully buy a house and to possibly open her own catering business. A few weeks before her abduction a naked man entered the store and apparently climbed over the counter towards her. She ran around the store a few times and outside towards the gas pumps. She was able to elude him and get back inside and lock him out. Poe's boyfriend Scott Iaggi began staying with her during the graveyard shifts in order to make sure she was safe. On February 3rd Scott left the Circle K Store at 11 pm. He came by later at 1 am to check on her. She was fine. At 3 am a friend of Deborah's happened to be driving by noticed her standing behind the counter. At 4 am a regular customer came in and found no one in the store. Police arrived soon thereafter. LE found her brand new Red Toyota Celica backed into its parking spot. It was locked and inside they found her Purse, Car Keys, and Paycheck inside. (One would assume her actual car key was with her) A carton of chocolate milk and a cup of coffee was left on top of a stack of house plans on the floor behind the counter. Her Circle K smock was also behind the counter neatly folded. The register was locked and no merchandise appeared to be taken or moved out of place. There was no sign of a struggle. Tracker Dogs tracked her scent to the back of the store and through a wooden fence and to a road where they lost the scent. LE believes she was forcibly taken and was placed into a vehicle. LE used Helicopters equipped with INFRARED and searched within a 5 mile area of the Circle K but found nothing.

''I told her I thought it was stupid that she was staying there working that shift. There were too many weirdos, too many guys flirting with her and too many drunks,'' said Poe's boyfriend, Scott Iaggi.

    The Kwik Stop Store is where the Circle K use to be located. 


A woman who frequented the store stated she came in the night Poe vanished. She stated she came in between 3:15 and 3:30 am. Instead of Poe being behind the counter she noticed what she described as a White Male (Muscular Build) with Long Stringy Black Hair and a T-Shirt with the band Megadeth on the front (It also depicted a Dragon Spewing Fire). He also had a Skull Ring on his finger and a Cross Ear Ring dangling from his right ear. The customer stated she asked for cigarettes and the man had trouble finding the brand. The customer had to point to the brand. Upon the purchase the guy said "You shouldn't smoke ya'know." He seemed to have calmly operated the register and made change. He apparently drove a Black Van with a Megadeth Mural Airbrushed on the side. Soon after he too vanished. LE was never able to locate him. In August of 1990 bones were found within 2 miles of the Circle K store off Aloma Ave. Dental Records indicated they were not of Deborah Poe. Unsolved Mysteries aired a segment on November 6, 1991. In March 2002 LE stated they had a suspect but did not name the person. Not long after they dug up a lot behind the Chapel Hill Baptist Church when 5 of 6 cadaver dogs indicated the scent of human remains. They dug for 12 hours with a backhoe. They found nothing. Although they did not discount the possibility that human remains were at one time in the area. Interestingly, The Chapel Hill Baptist Church was right across the street from Scott Iaggi's former residence. Scott Iaggi was at one time a Pastor of that church. If you read the newspaper articles. Its clear they are referring to Iaggi being their suspect.

ODD NOTE: Scott Iaggi relocated to Campbellsville, Ky and ended up marrying a woman named Deborah.

''I told her, 'You're too young to work like this. You're not enjoying life.' She said, 'You're starting to sound like Mom, Aunt Judy.' ''

Composite Sketch of "Megadeath Man"

Missing Persons: Deborah Poe by Ethan Quin

''She would never do that. No way. She's so responsible, she's like a little old lady,'' said Poe's aunt, Judy Johnson of Gainesville. 

                        Since she worked for the Sentinel. The paper ran this for 15 years

''A lot of people have been coming by,'' Iaggi said. ''I've been praying and praying. I'm praying they'll let her go and not harm her. I'm praying she comes back.
''I'd be lying if I said I didn't love her.''

It's a pretty interesting case. Since there were no signs of a struggle I'd say its safe to assume that she may have been taken by someone she knew. Or she was chased again. And this time someone caught up it her. Or perhaps the perpetrator(s) had a gun? Maybe there was more than one. I'm kinda stumped at the reasoning behind LE clearly focusing on Scott Iaggi. I understand the process of working within the circle of a victim and then going out. I have been told that Iaggi was given and did pass a Polygraph Test. If you read the articles below they do focus some of their efforts in attempting to find the "Megadeth Man". At one point Orlando LE was contacted by Virginia LE stating they had a similar case with a suspect that matched the composite of the "Megadeth Man". But nothing ever came of this. I remember reading on a few web entries on this case that LE stated they believe the "Megadeth Man" was actually a boyfriend of an employee that worked at the Circle K. If that's the case. That's very interesting. And I'm at a loss as to why they were never able to locate this individual. Especially if he drove a Black Van with a Megadeth mural airbrushed on it. That shouldn't have been too hard to find. It reminds me of watching those old A-Team episodes and how they always drove that van that stood out and the Military Police and Law Enforcement could never find out where they were. And you just had to go with it because it ridiculous. If the "Megadeth Man" was in the store that night. It's safe to say he was at least a witness to something. There is around a 45 minute window in which Poe disappeared. The odds of him walking in right after it all happening is kinda slim. It can happen I guess I just find it odd that he has never come forward. And you have to remember that nothing was taken from the store. I think its interesting the dogs tracked her scent to behind the Circle K and through the fence to the pavement where it stopped. That's why LE thinks she was placed in a vehicle and driven away. That points to it likely being local in my opinion. There is an Apartment Complex behind the Circle K. In fact the vehicle had to have been parked in that Complex's parking lot. I would imagine lots of people from the complex frequented the Circle K. I believe that to be a safe assumption. I hope that LE made their round of that Complex. Interestingly, Deborah Poe's case is not on Unsolved Mysteries Official Website. They do have her case on the Wiki which is not affiliated with the actual program. And her case use to be on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement website. It is not anymore. Why? Deborah's case was at one time thought to be connected to two other cases. One being Donna Callahan and the other being Darleen Messer. I thought of another case while researching this one that was also featured on Unsolved Mysteries. That of Eileen Mangold. Mangold's remains were eventually found. And the murder trial ended up being an acquittal.  Messer's remains were also found. There is a suspect in her case. But no charges have been filed. Callahan's remains were found and 2 people were convicted of her murder. So I doubt that any of these cases are related. LE was never able to locate the naked man who chased Deborah around the store 2 weeks before she went missing. She had previously broken up with a guy who she thought was mentally unstable. I've not read where he was ever investigated. I believe whoever took Poe they were local to the area at the time.


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