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Guest Post By Lesley from Unsolved Appalachia: Natasha Alexandra Augusta Carter

I have the privilege and honor of introducing Lesley from the Unsolved Appalachia blog for this Guest Entry. Her blog is one of the best out there. And I encourage everyone to check it out. She is also an example of the kind of diligent work that needs to be done in this field.


Natasha Alexandra Augusta Carter (Alex) was 10 years old when her non-custodial mother, Susan Gail Carter allegedly abducted her from Beckley, Wv on August 8, 2000. On November 13th of that year a felony arrest warrant was issued against Susan for the kidnapping of her daughter. There had been a contentious custody battle between Susan, and Alex's father Ricky Lafferty. According to Alex's grandmother, she was afraid of her mother and didn't want to live with her. The last time Ricky spoke with Susan, she told him that he would never see his daughter again…
It's believed that Susan fled the state with Alex, and there could possibly be an unnamed male in their company. She could be using th…

Guest Post by Julia from Considering Cold Cases: Stephanie Grizzell and Nick Kunselman

Want to give Julia a big shout out. She did this post super quick. And its really one of the best posts I have ever read. She is such a good writer. It takes me forever to get a post done. This post is so good I felt I had to share it before Valentines Day. Also, Julia's work on a case was featured  on the podcast The True Crime Enthusiast. Please give it a listen to. 

Valentines Day Post

In April 1999, two students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold murdered 12 of their Columbine High School students and a teacher. Ten months later, tragedy struck the school again when two students were murdered, but this case is still unsolved.
StephanieGrizzellandNickKunselman had been dating for two years. They were sophomores (aged 16 and 15, respectively) at Columbine High School, and became especially close after the tragic shooting in 1999. They both liked sports, Stephanie was on the swim team and Nick was aColoradojuniordisc-golfchampion. They were in love. February 13, 2000 was a Sund…

What Happened to James Wray Miller?

James Wray Miller's daughter Kristene reached out to me asking me to bring attention to her missing father's story. I am happy to do so. I do want to point out that there are very little details surrounding this case. What you read here is absolutely all that is known in the case so far. Also, I want to commend Miller's daughter Kristene who not only made this entry very easy to write. But who also single handily has fought to try and find out what happened to her father. She has provided me all the info. I didn't need to assist her with anything other than writing this entry. 
Shurlock Popular Song at the Time
Human- Human League (Credit for Video HERE) Name: James Wray Miller
Date Of Birth: April 9th 1956
Parents: Elmer "Mike" Miller & Mary Jane Miller
Girlfriend (At The Time): Sue Grewell
Education: Dropped out of school in the 10th Grade. Acquired GED.
Date Missing: 12/9/1986
Missing From: Ames, Iowa
Height and Weight: Around 6'1 & Between 175 and 200 lbs

Missing and Murdered: The Case Of Stephan Mitchell Adams (Part One)

Special thanks to the "Village Crazy Lady" and her hubby for helping me. They were both vital in making this entry possible. Also the reporting on details in this case from various agencies is atrocious. His truck's make and model varies depending on the source. From a GMC to a Chevy and the year either is a 93 or a 95.  As does one of the persons of interest descriptions. And whether he called his girlfriend or she called him. Its all very maddening. This will be part one of a 2 part entry. Part 2 will be some months down the road. In part two I will delve more deeply into the known persons of interest. I dedicated the song SPIRIT IN THE SKY to this case. Because I know that's where Stephen is....

“After dropping someone off, he said he was going to my house in Webbers Falls and never made it,”

Denie Hayes (Stephan's mom)


Agency Case Number: CR04-180 (OSBI) Oklahoma Bureau of Investigations:
Phone (918) 456-0653
NCIC Case Numb…