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UPDATE: 8/23/2019

Remains found confirmed to be that of Jonathan Lee Hamilton missing from Bastrop, Texas. Death Ruled Undetermined

Before I start with the entry I want to thank Johnathan's mom Angie for talking with me regarding her son's case. I want to say ahead of time that I personally do not agree with many of her theories regarding her son's disappearance. And that is ok. We both can agree to disagree. One thing I'd like to make clear is that even if we don't agree I understand she is a mother who is in pain searching for her son. Law Enforcement should be more sympathetic to her plight. The persons named in this entry are not guilty of anything. I am simply naming the people involved to the best of my knowledge. I did try and contact Justin Edward Earls in advance. But was unable to get a hold of him. Also want to thank Marissa from The Vanished for making this entry a little easier. I'll probably continue with updates to this entry whenever I have new information. So keep checking this entry if you are interested in this case.


P.S. Need to give a big shout out to Donalds Occhi for helping me as well.

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This is an update on the previous post regarding the murder of Jennifer Judd. 

Prior post can be read here. Need give another thanks to Kelli and an "Unnamed Source" for the info presented here. This entry will clarify some info from the past entry as well as bring some new info to the table.

  • Justin made 2 calls on the day of the murder. Both to Jennifer. He did get ahold of her on the first call. And she said she would bring him his lunch. This clarifies why the lunch was in the car. When she didn't bring his lunch by obviously he was concerned and called her. He couldn't get ahold of her.
  • Chuck Chance wasn't Justin's best man at the wedding. 
  • Although Justin did consider Chance a friend. Jennifer knew him longer. Chance transferred from Picher to Quapaw his senior year of High School to play football. Jennifer went to school with him in Picher.
  • Jennifer and Chuck Chance never dated. But according to my source he tried many times to get with Jennifer.
  • Justin knew nothing of the stalking aspect until after the murder. Jennifer's parents informed him. I don't know what to make of him not knowing. I am not insinuating dishonesty hear by any means. I think its telling to a certain degree. 
  • Probably the most interesting aspect of new information I came across is that Chuck Chance places himself near the crime scene around the time the murder took place. He states that in his sworn statement to the KBI.
  • Apparently Forensics went over the tape of the Judds wedding and noticed a few things of interest from their main suspect Chuck Chance. Body Language would indicate he was not happy that Jennifer was getting married. ie Clinched Fists.

So far that's what I have. Ill continue to bring any new info I get to coming entries. I do agree now that Chuck Chance is very likely the best suspect at this point. 

And this for no other reason than its awesomeness....

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